I am a firm believer in All Lives Matter, no matter what color they are, which is why I am so opposed to abortion, the murdering of innocent human beings, the ones with no protection who are killed for convenience, hatred, lifestyle choices and a verity of other non-medical reasons.

A woman should have the choices as to what happens to her body, but a pregnant woman is making choices for someone else’s body, not hers.

I agree: Black Lives Matter. If you want me to stand with you and protest with you make me believe you believe it by protesting the murders of black people every week in places like Chicago and Minneapolis. I’m talking about the dozens and dozens of black men, women and children killed by blacks every hour, every day and every week.

In these cities the vast majority of black deaths comes at the hands of other blacks. Protest there and make a difference and I will join you, but if Black Lives Matter is only against whites, you have lost my support.

Lastly, if you want to take over parts of a city and declare it a “free zone,” great, but when the electricity, cell service, garbage collection, and other civil services my tax dollars pay for are cut off, and no one is allowed to enter or leave, don’t complain or gripe.

You are free, but these services are not. Be ready to accept the consequences of your choices.

Michael Darling


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(19) comments

David Rau

Your problem Paul Kersey is that you can't recognize Trump for what he is, a failed president thats guilty of treason and breaking 4 other laws. A President that was never fit for office, the most corrupt President ever with the lowest iq of any President.And i am very self confident i'm very confident Trump will go down in flames this Nov.

David Rau

Corrupt Trump has had so many failures as President that its no longer possible to put them all in a post. Now you can spout that nonsense that if you don't love Trump then leave the country but i can do you one better dude, you can move to Russia with moron Trump after he goes down in flames this Nov.

David Rau

Give me an example of my bigotry Paul Kersey. Come on just one i wait for your response.


Every Time you open your mouth is the example you Dung Beetle![spam][ban]

Paul Kersey



Learn to pronounce


noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries

intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

You are always attacking others with different opinion than yourself. You simply can't stand opposing views. Your problem is also a lack of self confidence.

David Rau

Thanks for the kind words Mr. Bradford i enjoy the detail that you put in your posts. Between you and I and millions of others we will get the filth that lives in the White House out Nov.3rd I can hardly wait.


Right! Keep telling yourselves this Mr. Beetle

David Rau

Micheal Darling said Women should have choice over their own bodies and in the same sentence says pregnant Women should not. And whats Micheal Darling's excuse for not opposing cops killing blacks, it's that blacks kill other blacks. This guy is just an example of what's went wrong with our nation.Abortion is legal and has been since 1973 and will stay legal. Just climb back under your rock Micheal Darling you are no longer relevant.Things are changing in America at last and you can't stop it.

Walter Bradford

Mr. David Rau, You said a mouthful within a very short reply to Mr. Darling. I need to learn to do that. The GOP has a built in mentality that they and only they have any say over what is moral or amoral. Mr. Darling professes to have all the signatory solutions but they solve only his estimation of the problems that do not address the problems as seen from the Woman's point of view or from a black America's point of view. Easy to sit back in an air conditioned family room, watching shows that are faux news and knowing, without visiting the world that many other people are forced to live in. So there are good people like you Mr. Rau who continue to plead and fight for better conditions and acceptance of many minority Americans while the GOP Authority machine dictates what those improvements are allowed to be. Best, Walter A. Bradford Florence

Paul Kersey

Mr David Rau. The level of your bigotry and intolerance is astounding. People like you spreading hate is whats wrong with this country.


Mr. Kersey

These two tools have been around for a while like peas in a pod! Your right on! [thumbup]

Turn Off Fox news

In your post you state "In these cities the vast majority of black deaths comes at the hands of other blacks.". I would imagine in most cities most whites die at the hand of other whites. Bigotry is hard to hide! Just saying


And then what? Listen to the real news world CNN? [censored][ban][spam]

Michael Gray

Very well said Michael Darling!!

Darryl Swindle

Well said!

Walter Bradford

Mr. Darling Hello,

As I read your post about abortion, you suggest woman have say over their own bodies but with all sort of conditions as determined by you, a White Male. Well then they haven't say over their bodies after all. Your implication that "all" pregnancies are planned or are resulting from reckless behavior isn't factual. I once had a very deceptive spouse who, without my knowledge, stopped taking birth control. There are tubular pregnancies that can kill, there are instances of internal bleeding in Early term pregnancies that can kill retardation of Mom and or Infant, drug use of the "mom" or "pop" that has afflicted the infant. Simple caused birth defects where a child's heart may be outside the body. So many variations that certainly warrant the early termination of a child. There cannot nor should there be stringent guidelines determining what situations "permit" an abortion. You exclude Men from any responsibility in an abortion situation, why is that?

When men have had a (4th) child or when when they attain age (50) sterilization should be the order of the day. Not voluntary, mandated with legal penalties such as fines, jail time if men do not comply. If men can't impregnate women, then we may not need worry about abortion in the 1st place?! Females whose lives may be imperiled need not "get permission" for an abortion.

The GOP has been very content recently in (t)rump's rendition of, "The Pied Piper of Hamlin". Why would killing babies become a big deal to you when (t)rump is convincing his Base to risk death daily with COVID-19? Depending on (t)rumps maniacal feelings daily, he will tell Americans that COVID-19 is "once again" a hoax. He's not afraid, He's a big man, tough, he doesn't wear masking or practice safe distancing, why should the average American?

What he does not tell his groveling Base is "No One" gets to within (6) feet of him without being tested, He does NOT wade in to any crowds that have not been previously tested before the cameras start to roll. The Surgeon General and his Personal Physician is with him everywhere all the time. Air Force 1 has a full service (in reason) medical situation area. He does all of his business in very well orchestrated surroundings and notably his overseas trips have been stopped cold since March 2020.

The guy has always lived a lie and he continues to this day. He knows he can manipulate his loyal and they dare not question him, While fighting this countries battles in foreign lands, "places I never existed" (t)rump was home hiding behind daddy's money and momma's dress and using every excuse he could not to go do his duty to America, the country that has given him all he has stolen from others. Your hero, your president, not mine in any shape or form.


Here we go again! Help is right around the corner when Trump is re-elected! [ban][spam]


If he is not your President then this is not your country so leave with the rest of the Libs! PERIOD!

Paul Kersey

I will quote you from you mini novel. "I once had a very deceptive spouse who, without my knowledge, stopped taking birth control" You are saying the woman has the sole responsibility for birth control. That is very demeaning for you to think they are beneath you. You are a example of Androcentrism at it's worst.

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