Many have been critical of President Donald Trump because his tweets are not what they consider to be “presidential.” I am more concerned with his actions that affect the safety and welfare of the nation.

His predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, was apparently “presidential,” since I never heard anyone accuse him of not being presidential. If the direction Obama took the nation is presidential, then I prefer one who is not.

Obama and the Democrats favored the religion of Islam, which promotes the destruction of Israel and the United States of America over Christianity and Judaism. Under his Department of Education, students were indoctrinated into the religion of Islam, and it is probably still happening in some districts.

According to an analysis by “ACT for America” of 38 textbooks used in the sixth through 12th grades in public schools since the 1990s, discussions of Islam took up more and more pages, while the space devoted to Judaism and Christianity simultaneously decreased.

Under Obama’s leadership, children were taught to follow through with feelings they have of being of the opposite gender of the one they were born to be.

Homosexuality, which is more destructive than drug or alcohol addiction, was glorified under Obama’s leadership, and special rights were established for these deviant behaviors instead of creating an environment for those who practice them be set free.

Members of our military services have been required to not only accept homosexuality but to not have an opinion that it is wrong.

Euell White


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David Rau

Actually Trump has broke 5 laws. Bribery, Tax evasion, money laundering, obstruction of justice and abuse of power and he's impeached. Even his last national security adviser Bolton said he tried to bribe the leader of the Ukraine. And last week Trump said he intends to cut SS and medicare. Trump wants billions for a space force to fight the scary aliens and he wants to cut SS and Medicare. And the Iran treaty did work our own CIA said it did. People are tired of the incompetence of general bone spurs. Get ready for 4 years of President Biden. That sounds so good President Joe Biden!

Jacob Pasley

Per usual, dumb dave's rants are nothing but lies and hyperbole. Trump has not broken any laws, a partisan allegation is not breaking the law. Kids are still fat. My tax return is freaking awesome, I'm middle class (thank you President Trump). The Iranians were not adhering to the treaty and have attacked us on many occasions going back 40 years. The only people losing their insurance is due to BO don't care being too expensive with much reduced benefits and high deductibles. Finally, the gestapo known as the EPA has finally been reduced to a "common sense" level.

Get use to the prosperity dumb dave, the Trump years will be the best of your miserable life.

David Rau

Everything White said about President Obama and the Democrats are a total lie but lets look at the actions of Trump. Trump has broke 5 laws and he was impeached. Trump cheated on his wife several times. 20 women have accused Trump of assault. Trump gave a huge tax cut to his rich buddies that the working man is paying for. The federal debt under Trump is soaring. Incompetent Trump tore up the Iran treaty for no good reason and we will have war with Iran down the road. Trump trusted the dictator of N Korea and let him make a fool out of him. Trump is destroying enviromental regulations and making rivers and the air dirty again. Trump wants billions for mars but not a dime for crumbling roads and bridges. Trump cut 1 million kids from getting a meal at school. 40% of American family's under Trump can not meet a 400 dollar expense. Trump made it legal in 2017 for the mentally ill to buy guns. Trump wants 40 billion for a useless wall that don't work, and Trump says he would love to date his own daughter. And 2 millione have lost their health insurance under him.These are the wonderful actions of Trump.

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