Social distancing, wearing face masks, staying home — we are doing all of those things, and still our enemy is mysterious and invisible!

We have no idea who might be carrying, or where the next COVID-19 victim will show up.

All of the medical professionals have been calling for testing from the get-go, and yet the only way one can get tested is by showing you might have symptoms of the virus (unless, of course, you have a high position of influence, and somehow are more special than the rest of us — example: Vice President Mike Pence).

Only by widespread (universal) testing can the virus be meaningfully traced, and resources directed systematically and effectively.

Pence obviously is at ease about his personal health. Wouldn’t all of us have a better feeling after having a “negative” response from a reliable test?

Also, a “positive test result should enable many lives to be spared due to early detection and treatment.”

The federal government has failed in this respect, and we can only look to Montgomery for our safety.

Let’s all call our governor and state legislators to demand universal testing.

We can pay for it with our taxes over the next few years. Isn’t you life worth the expense? I think mine is.

My suggestion: have a 1-cent sales tax increase for three years. Surely that brings enough revenue to pay for saving countless Alabama lives.

Orris R. Bullock


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David Rau

Is Dr. Hicks a real doctor? With a mind like his I would hate to have him for a doctor. The reason Trump does not want more testing is that the Virus is more wide spread than he his willing to admit. It's clear that the economy is restarting too fast. Trump and Republicans just care about money not peoples lives.

Dr. Hicks

I love the pot-shot at VP Pence. You don't think democrat politicians have been tested too? Funny how you didn't mention them.

I'm not interested in paying for your COVID test; pay for it yourself, or stay in your crib for the next 18 months.

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