There must be two mindsets taught at the police academy — aggressive toward black citizens, passive toward white citizens. Racism must be a part of the “core” classes offered to the cadets.

There is a limit to the number of deer and wild turkeys you can kill during hunting season, but there is an unlimited number of blacks that can be killed yearly. Is wildlife more precious than black lives?

Blacks murdered can always be justified by the judicial system.

The shield should not give the right to take a life based on skin color, but it does. Being black is like waving a red cape in front of a charging bull.

According to the white man’s law, you are innocent until proven guilty, but for the black man you are guilty until proven innocent.

How much longer should black lives be snuffed out in the name of justice? The statement that all men are created equal is a farce. What a lie!

The flag was not made for black Americans, so why pledge to something that does not apply to the black man?

Equality will come with the second coming of Christ.

Evelyn W. Pugh


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David Rau

It's pretty clear that the reason racist like Adam Scott hates the Democrats is because it was the Democratic party that got rid of Jim Crow laws in the 1960s.

Adam Scott

Daddy Jo, facts do not matter. This country is so raciest that it elected a black man President twice.

Walter Bradford

Evelyn W. Pugh your editorial hints at your own brand of racism in my eyes. You poignantly describe White people as inherently "bad" while all blacks are the usual victim, with no justice, no opportunities, ya, da yada. Well your anger and racist views get no sympathy from me and here's why. When do you want to get together you and I and let me tell you of all and I mean a lot of harm I have suffered at the hands of blacks, at the hands of Law enforcement and at the hands of justice as well as the politicians of this nation. Don't hand me that line that percentages are more important to true numbers. The government may treat blacks kindly by using percentages, I don't. I go by shear numbers and that facts aren't pretty. I do not have whole government agencies designed to cater strictly to my individual needs because I am White, blacks do. I don't have major legislation passed by both political parties designed to protect me ad advance my sole interests because I am White, blacks do. You rattle on about how Whites are taught to harm blacks in special courses at the police academies. How about this name: Alex Kueng, ring any bells with you? Probably not. He was the black cop that also helped kill George Floyd. did you know black cops kill black people too or is it just White Cops like you and BLM would like to have America believe. How many White people are killed annually by Black Cops there Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh? C'mon tell me how many or are you indicating you don't care about White people being murdered by black cops or other Ethnic cops? I'm sure you don't because BLM doesn't care, The vast majority of the News Media does not care, heck the Federal Government does not care! I don't by your racist Pity Party Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh because Long, long before George Floyd was ever born as an infant, Blacks have had the power to change society for themselves but they have chosen to either ignore it or fell short in leadership to do it. Moreover, if you think you are garnering sympathy with your brand of printed hate, guess again, White America is feeling swamped by guilt, by constantly being told they are the only people in America that are racist. The years old line that White people invented Slavery and enslavement is not plausible because African tribes often took Slaves from those weaker tribal elements that they either beat out in war or just they just raided other villages, enslaved those they wanted and murdered the rest. A quick Slavery Historical Class for Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh of Sheffield: African Slave Trading began in Africa by other black ethnicities known as Arab Slave Trade in the 7th Century, Black Slavery began in the 4th Century and lead to the Arab Slave Trade. The Atlantic Slave Trade, We "White Folks" back in the day, did not start until the 16th Century, how about that, comparative new comers to an evil business. In the 21st Century, Contemporary Slavery continues, strong and unabated Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh. Yes right in the heart of Africa. Here's what it consists of, Bounty Slaves taken by warring tribes from the weaker, beaten tribes which does not include the periodic practice of Cannibalism. The Modern Slavery consists of: Child Soldiers, Child Labor Debt Forced Marriages, Forced prostitution, Human Trafficking, Penal Labor, Sex Slavery, Wife Selling. That's today by blacks against blacks in their own country. Now White America did not contribute to the root cause of Slavery, White people weren't even involved in the Slave Trade till much later. And it is White America that they among themselves began to implement meaningful, constructive changes to the way America did business to eliminate that as early as the 18th Century. But those Noble White people, Abolitionists they were known as were give (0) credit for trying to end Slavery, dying while trying to end Slavery and helping vote in a US President that was bent on ending the practice. 695,000 American White Men dies fighting a Civil War that was caused just as much by the Institution of Slavery as it was about States Rights or Secession. The majority of those Civil War dead were among Union Soldiers, people that they themselves did not own Slaves nor ever saw a real slave while they lived. Of the total casualties 370,000 were Union/Northern Soldiers/Sailors and these deaths are from all causes. Does that strike any heart string in you Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh or could you care less about White Soldiers/Sailors killed in The Civil War trying to undo the irons of Slavery on blacks? In the 400 years of US only Slavery, the number of Africans brought to America 1619-1808 was 480,000 by Emancipation in 1863 Blacks totaled 4.5 Million and today the number (prior to 2020 Census) is 42 Million. The interesting thing here Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh of Sheffield is that The US Slavery exports to the shores of America only equaled (5%) of the overall African Slave Trade. Wow, to listen to blacks here in America, American Whites invented Slavery....WRONG AGAIN! The total number of Slave related deaths in the US is calculated to be 275,000 Human lives and spanning from 1619-1867. And White Union Soldiers/Sailors dies at the rate of 370,000 trying to undo Slavery.....hmmm. Of course Ms. Evelyn W. Pugh, I just know you could care less about Whites being killed trying to right the wrongs of Whites over Blacks, of course. So yeah anytime you wish to meet one another, let me know. It may be just the thing to do before the upcoming 2020 Election. Invite Anyone you wish and well, I just have a small Service dog. Let me say this in closing, your emotions and anger are pretty evident in your post. This has been a particularly bad year for the whole world, let alone America but unless and until people like you and any other ethnic groups members can ever shed this need to describe other Americans by Color and by (Color first) you can forget getting anything positive done in the way of race relations for anyone in America. It just doesn't fathom. You don't describe other people by their Color and ever expect to be treated as equals. Just think what it would be like if we all described each other first by weight, "Oh yeah that fat guy there...." How would that work, not very well, you think? Now the current president, he answers to any description and as such any description fits him. I get angry at BLM and people like Van Jones, Jada Pinkett Smith, in my eyes Racist from "Jump Street" through and through. And then there's (t)rump.

David Rau

When did the truth ever matter to you Daddy Jo? Are you really a daddy i sure hope not.

Daddy Joe

You do realize that more white people are killed by police every year than black people? Or does truth not matter?

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