How insensitive! How thoughtless! How inappropriate! How callous!

I am referring to the cartoon by Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press printed in the TimesDaily on March 18.

This guy depicts a person wearing a MAGA cap along with what looks like a World War II gas mask. The association is quite realistic and very inconsiderate, especially given the environment in which we find ourselves.

What Bennett tells me is this: It’s all Donald Trump’s fault. China didn’t cause the Wuhan virus from eating, perhaps, all sorts of animals including dogs. No, Trump caused it by simply trying to make America great again.

Let it be known that China has caused thousands of deaths by the way they handled this situation. Will they be punished? No! We have so many multinational corporations and other entities that depend on China as the main source of their revenue.

With that said, Bennett should come up with another cartoon that depicts how strong the American economy is behind the scenes.

America has the best doctors, nurses, hospitals, companies, etc., that are working together to mitigate the effects of this virus. Pretty soon, we will be on the other side of the V-curve and stronger than ever.

The actions of the cartoonist cast doubt on or uncertainty upon the aforementioned people and companies who are doing their best to alleviate the Wuhan virus.

Tom Jones


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David Rau

Tell us Mr. Hurst which one is the outright lie?

David Rau

The Trump virus and the Trump Depression are here. No matter how much Trumps supporters say otherwise. Trump had 3 months warning about the Trump virus and he did nothing but golf. He did not stop air travel to and from other counties back in January when he should have. He had a chance to get all the test kits we needed from the World Health Organization but said no he wanted Lab corp to make millions with their test. We don't have enough ventilators or face masks and although Trump says they are on the way they never show up and auto companies cannot go from making cars to making ventilators over night. Also last year 700 jobs were eliminated at the CDC because of the Trump tax cut for the rich. And now moron Trump says he will open business back up in America by Easter, its clear he is more worried about money than peoples lives. I don't think any american governor will go along with that except for maybe alabama's governor. Also the economy will not come back very soon because it was not good to start with. The GDP for the past 2 years has been a dismal 1.9. Obama had a average GDP of 3.5 when he was in office.

joe hurst

So many outright lies in your post.....

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