It was so good to see where a federal judge stopped Donald Trump’s unconstitutional use of military funds to try to build his failed wall.

Trump thinks he’s a dictator and above the law, but he’s not. A 2,000-mile, $400 billion wall on our southern border was a stupid idea from the start.

It can never be guarded. It would be blown up, or gone over or under, and it’s not needed. Border crossings have fallen for 20 years.

The only border crisis is in Trump’s feeble mind.

We need that $40 billion for crumbling roads and bridges.

Trump walked out on Nancy Pelosi recently at the White House and wouldn’t even talk about fixing roads and bridges. But what should we expect from Trump?

He was just a bad reality show host.

David Rau

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee


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David Rau

Wow its and honor to be compared to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez shes an awesome congresswoman shes brilliant and will make a awesome President sometime in the future, and Trump will be languishing in prison . I can hardly wait Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

It seems that Gary Wylie is comfortable to perpetuate Trumps lies. Truth is that there was never a crisis on the border, Trump created the crisis to try to justify his failed wall. Truth is that there are no where near a thousand people trying to cross the border daily, crossings have fallen steadily for 20 years, Truth is that we pay no welfare to illegals, no free housing and no free health care except if they have to go to an emergency for care and their kids get a free education but i guess Gary Wylie hates public education too. Illegals come here to do dirty jobs that Americans won't do. Mr. Wylie says that illegals make it hard for out nation to sustain itself but did he object to Trumps tax cut for the rich that is causing our national debt to rise 1 trillion a year now? Trump relies on low information voters like Gary Wylie to support him and try to sustain himself in office but thats just working in the south the rest of the country has wised up to trump. Wylie says that i am blindly following liberal leaders but hes blindly following trump and its been proven that Trump has told 10000 lies since hes become the fake and failed president that he is. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Sad thing is, dumb Dave believes his rhetoric, a low info voter if there ever was one. Amazing how all the "dirty jobs" always got done by Americans before the invasion of illegals willing to do it for chicken scratch. Want to reduce the debt, deport 1/2 the dems, they consume far more tax monies than they pay in.

Jacob Pasley

Poor ol' dumb Dave, he just can't get anything right....

Gary Wylie

David Rau. You don't consider as many as a thousand illegal entrants to our country (per day) to be a problem? Most of whom can't speak english, have no means of support, and rely on US welfare... Do you realize how much that costs the US in *real dollars*? Not to mention our nations ability to sustain itself? If you don't, you must be a blind, deaf liberal democrat who only knows what your lying leaders tell you, and do not realize that *they* only care about their own personal power and ability to stay in DC...

Paul Kersey

Just when we think democrats couldn't get any more deranged David Rau says here hold my beer.

Jacob Pasley

He's the south's AOC.

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