In a June 6 letter, the writer says the border crisis is only in President Trump’s mind.

Homeland Security reports about 139,000 illegals were caught in May. Of these were 11,000 children unaccompanied by a parent.

That means over a million people will cross the southern border this year illegally. Probably half that number cross without being caught, and go unaccounted for until they start applying for social aid of some sort.

Our social systems are overburdened dramatically, yet all people can complain about is how our government is keeping so many locked up while they are processed through the system.

Catch and release with promises of returning for court about asylum or immigration status has been the procedure a long time. Ever wonder how many of the hundreds of thousands who promised to return for the court date ever did show up? It is estimated that only 7 percent to 9 percent return for the court date.

The past three or four presidents have vowed and declared they would do something about the border crisis. President Trump is trying to fix the problem, but most in the government do not have the guts to back him. It’s their loss when election time comes.

Finally, in Alabama, while very vocal minorities call a pre-born baby a mass of tissue or fetus, I am very proud Alabama calls that baby a person worth protecting like everyone else.

Michael Darling



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David Rau

Oops sorry i meant 2021 and not 2001 when Trump leaves office My mistake. David Rau

David Rau

These poor desperate republicans cannot save Trumps failed presidency with their desperate attempts to try to justify his fictional border crisis. Obama never created cages on the border for kids but Trump allowed 7 to die in his. We really don't need to rely on impeachment of Trump the latest polls have Biden leading Trump 54% to 40% nation wide and Biden has a 10% lead even in Texas. Its wonderful that the voters have wised up about Trump but beware Trump may not want to leave office in 2001 he says he wants to ignore the constitution and remain in office for life. His words not mine. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

All of Ol' Dave's lies can be easily refuted by simple google searches, so no need to do that for you. No kid's in "cages", except under BO. The kid's that did die all had pre-existing conditions and received the best medical care they've ever had in their life thanks to Trump. Without hyperbole, rhetoric, and down right lies, Ol' Dave has nothing in his little bag of tricks.

David Rau

That 139,000 number crossing the border in May is highly suspect since only 6,000 illegals were caught in April. Truth is that illegal border crossings are on a 20 year decline and truth is that 7 kids have died in Trumps cages on the border Trump will pay for his crimes. The truth is that there are 1 million illegals less in the US than there was 3 years ago, so that means that 1 million have went back home.Truth is that illegals do not get social services in the US except a free education for their children. But of course these republicons hate public education. Just look at what happened just this past week,Trump threatened tariffs on Mexico but when the republicans in the Senate said they had to votes to stop him Trump turned tail and withdrew the tariffs saying Mexico had agreed to his terms. But Mexico called Trump a liar and said that they had agreed to almost nothing..Just another of the more than 10000 lies told by the lair in chief...Sincerely David Rau

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