Boycott Nike for its cowardly decision

My fellow Americans beware! You have been swooshed again!

Now it seems that Nike had produced a U.S. flag-themed tennis shoe to commemorate the independence of this great country. Enter their chief spokesman, Colin Kaepernick, a washed-up and unemployable NFL quarterback stating that the said shoe design is offensive because it features the Betsy Ross flag.

Nike cowardly caves in to this absurd demand, and pulls this product from their shelves.

Now is the time to boycott Nike and relay a message that their kneeling representative is out of step with American values.

John C. Adams



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David Rau

President Obama had a outstanding record as President. He saved us from Ws depression with the stimulus which was the real genesis of the economy we have today. He saved the domestic auto industry and put a program in place that gave good insurance to 50 million Americans. Obama earned his paycheck as President. Why would we want to pay Trump a dime. He has only given a huge tax cut to just the rich, trying to destroy our environment bringing us to the brink of war with Iran and collusion with Russia, and the most corrupt President ever with the lowest iq. Why would we want to pay him for that? President Obama never claimed 6 defermenrs to stay out of the service for phony bone spurs..President Obama had respect for war hero John McCain while Trump demonized McCain even after death. President Obama was welcomed with open arms at McCains funeral while Trump was told to stay away.One more thing Michelle was a great first lady while our current one can't even speak english.. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Trump is serving his country by being president for zero dollars per year. Hussein Obama's wife spent more on designer clothes at the tax payers expense than Trump will ever get for being the commander in chief. What branch of the service did Hussein serve in ol Dave? The hypocrisy of the left is astounding!

David Rau

When Kaepernick and other NFL players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem it was to protest police brutality not service men. But when Trump demonized war hero John McCain during his life and even after his death these right wing waco Republicans have no problem with that..Trump had numerous deferments because of his phony bone spurs and was even quoted to have said he had no interest in serving his country he was busy not getting vd. These self righteous right wing wacos are the worst kind of hypocrites! Sincerely David Rau

Gary Wylie

Yes Boycott NIKE. Their management apparently has no concept of America and it's place in the world. I've boycotted NIKE since they first joined up with the self-centered idiot Kaepernick in denigrating the US flag, servicemen, and America!

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