‘Bring ‘er on’

Now that the House of Representatives has impeached Donald Trump without a single Republican vote, I say “bring ‘er on.” Let the trial begin.

This colossal mess was started by Hillary Clinton when she paid foreign people to drag up dirt on Trump. Except in this case, it was completely false. However, this didn’t keep the Dems and the Deep State from using it to the hilt.

This dossier was used by the FBI and other federal agencies to get the necessary authority to spy illegally on a private citizen, but they really wanted to spy on Trump.

The FBI duped the FISA court not once, but two more times. The Dems invented the Russian collusion hoax. A two-year investigation by Robert Mueller didn’t pan out for them, so they started to dig a little deeper to find anything.

Alas, the Ukranian conspiracy was cooked up by Adam Schiff, his staff, and the non-whistleblower. Apparently, this person was in contact with Schiff days before a complaint was filed. The non-whistleblower was advised to seek a lawyer to help him/her write a complaint, but that was only after Schiff and his staff knew the details.

Hallelujah, they thought; we have found a gold mine. But the whole Ukranian scheme was a complete farce.

Since the Dems impeached Trump based on no crime at all, I think Trump should use an “I” on his cap as a badge of honor. It was a dirty word, but now it is a good word.

Tom Jones



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David Rau

A level of prosperity not seen in many decades? Really? Lets look at the facts. 40% of american family's cannot even meet a 400 dollar expense. 50% of Americans are stuck in low pay jobs under Trump. 2 million working people have lost their health ins. last year under Trump. We have no money for Infrastracture improvements for crumbling roads and bridges. American business cut half a million good jobs last year under Trump. 100,000 manufacturing jobs were lost last year under Trump. American business were forced to pay 50 billion for Trumps tariffs on China. And the only reason unemployment rates are low is because of the massive retirments of the baby boom generation not because of Trump huge tax cut for the rich. The federal debt is soaring out of control under Trump. So you see these things are not a reflection of a good economy.

David Rau

Not a word of what Mr. Jones wrote is the truth, especially the part about Hilary Clinton. The real truth is that Trump is the most incompetent President in history. He is also the most corrupt. He is guilty of treason, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. He was impeached for bribery and abuse of power. Trump is also incompetent he tore up the Iran treaty for no good reason and now they are working on a bomb again. Somewhere down the road we will have to fight them in a war to stop them from having the bomb. In that war thousands of young Americans will die all because of Trump. It makes no difference how Trump is removed either threw impeachment or at the ballot box. But we need to be rid of Trump he is the most dangerous leader in the world.

Jacob Pasley

Ol dumb dumb throws out a slew of outlandish allegations with zero facts or credibility. Hyperbole are not facts dumb dumb.

Meanwhile, back in actual reality, America is at a level of prosperity not seen in many decades, all thanks to Trump's economic and trade policies. The only destruction under Trump is to the swamp creatures, like ol dumb dumb.

Jacob Pasley

Impeachment debacle has been a huge blessing to Trump. The dims could not have handed him a better gift so close to the election. I'm sure the usual dumb dumbs will show up and make ridiculous predictions that Trump will be driven from office. How's that working so far dims? LOL!

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