The U.S. Census is not only a divisive force (Sept. 25 letter), but it is used in a grossly unfair manner. It is inappropriately used to apportion the number of representatives that each state has in Congress.

Recently, Attorney General Bill Barr tried to add a question about citizenship to the Census, but it was rejected. However, the question has been used in previous censuses and was beneficial to factually track the number of actual U.S. citizens, which we don’t really know.

The census is highly unfair because it does not represent the citizens equitably. Why? Some areas are densely populated with illegal immigrants and nearly all foreigners (including illegal immigrants, embassy people, foreign students, etc.) are counted in the census. If a body is here, then it’s counted.

College students from other countries are counted, but our college students, who are citizens, are not counted if they live abroad. Our military personnel are counted.

It is quite possible in swing districts in many states (particularly in California, a sanctuary state of 40 million people) that the selection of a representative is marginally determined by foreigners through the apportionment process and then some through the election process.

Apparently, the Democrats don’t want to ask if you are a citizen as it would then reveal how many probable illegal migrants actually live here. They care more about the foreigners and their welfare than they do the ordinary citizens; otherwise, they would do something about the immigration process.

Tom Jones



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David Rau

Since the citizen ship question was struck down in the courts it's clear that the citizen ship question is unconstitutional . And where is the Republican party taking us with the head of the party being a traitor? Some examples of oppression of minorities is its only been a few years that Muslims in Murfreesboro ,Tennesee were denied a building permit for a new mosque it took the Obama justice dept to step in and insure their religious freedom. In both the TN. and Alabama legislators tried to deny the children of migrant workers the right to an education before that was struck down in the courts. Another example in Alabama was when a law was made to deny women the right to an abortion even in the case of rape incest or even if the life of the mom was at stake. Another example is excessive use of force by the Police on blacks. Just last year a innocent black man was murdered by police in Hoover Alabama in a mall because he had a legal gun and was only trying to protect other people. Lots of manufacturing jobs are going south but they are not going to Texas. .Under Trump so many American jobs have left for Mexico that now Americans are jumping the border to get work in Mexico. Not so dumb Dave is staying in Tennessee because I'm doing my part to restore Tennessee to a progressive state like it was in the 60s. But i don't think anything can help Alabama I love Bama but its dead last in good paying jobs, worst with the worst poverty rates, worst in obesity, worst in Education and is second to Tennessee with the worst gun violence and thats a short list. Id love to be in California the state with Americas best economy but its too dry and hot and I'm afraid of a big bad earthquake. Sincerely David Rau

Gary Wylie

Mr Rau apparently believes that we need a *separate* census action if we really want to 'count citizens'? WHAT does he believe the original requirements for a census was for? If we cannot use it to count citizens, non-citizens, the aging of our population,etc.. then I would wonder WHAT was/is it's purpose? Democrats ONLY care about letting illegals into our country to VOTE (so long as they believe they will vote Democrat), and they (the democrats) REJECT actually checking a potential voter for citizenship status! Makes one wonder ... What the Democratic party envisions our country becoming?

David Rau

The constitution requires only a count no where in it does it require to know if your a citizen or not. Some people get bent out of shape because Alabama may very well lose a seat in congress because of people leaving the state. That's not the fault of the census it's the fault of bad government in Alabama and Tennessee oppressing minorities and women using outdated laws as opposed to California which enjoys a progressive government. A progressive government like California's draws better jobs and better paying jobs which increases its population and that results in more members in congress its that simple, it's not rocket science. Also its not the Democrats that's blocked immigration reform its Trump and the Republicans . Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Share with us exactly how women and "minorities" are being oppressed.

California is probably the worst example you could have used. Homelessness is a real crisis, progressive taxation has caused a mass exodus of actual tax paying citizens who are moving to Texas as fast their cars can go. California is well represented on the list of "most miserable cities" to live in:

There is a reason ol dumb dave is still living in Tennessee instead of one of his utopian progressive cities. He knows deep down that where there is a liberal majority, misery is also the majority.

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