I read recently that the Civil War statue in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse is a “shrine to an unjust society — one that fought for slavery.”

I paused and pondered. Really, I asked? I always thought the statue represented those who fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War.

My grandmother’s Confederate grandfather died at the Battle of Franklin (Tennessee) believing, as did most of his compatriots, that they were defending their land from an invasion by northern armies.

Like most of his compatriots, he was not a slaveholder and I seriously doubt (he) was willing to die just so rich landowners could keep theirs.

After the Civil War, wasn’t it Democrats who passed the Jim Crow laws denying civil liberties to Blacks?

And during the early 20th century, wasn’t it Democrats who maintained segregation in the South?

And didn’t a larger percentage of Republicans support the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts of the 1960s than Democrats?

If we are going to cherry pick the history to condemn the Confederacy, how come the Democrats get a pass?

Since we’re going to cherry pick history, why not cherry pick the positive? Why not be inclusive instead of exclusive? Why not celebrate the best everyone has to offer?

A more equitable solution, I suggest, would be to reinvigorate the effort to have a statue of Dred Scott placed near the Confederate statue so folks could see and discuss all sides of the issue.

That kind of cherry picking I could support.

Ron Helgemo


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David Rau

Apparently its Rod Wallace who cant distinguish between good and evil. Just look at Trumps record. He gave a huge tax cut to his rich friends that the working man had to pay for. When he was in business he swindled millions from contractors when he would not pay his bills. He swindled thousands out of their money with his so called Trump University. He ordered the separation of nursing babies from the moms on the southern border. He has broke 5 laws, treason, money laundering, tax evasion, abuse of power and obstruction of justice and was impeached. He said N a zi is were good people. He wants billions to go to Mars but not a dime for roads and bridges. He tried to illegally divert billions for his failed wall.He said he would love to date his own daughter. Twenty women say he tried to assault them. He had an affair with an adult film star right after his last child was born. He said he loves to grab women between their legs. He has tried to cut millions from the food stamp program. He cut 1 million poor kids from getting a free meal at school. He wants billions for a space force to fight the scary aliens. And just this year he did nothing but play golf for 3 months instead of doing anything to stop the covid virus getting here. That failure has so far killed 125,000 Americans and put 46 million out of work.I really can not find anything the man has ever done that was good. He has been the most devise President ever and has brought our nation down. It seems that something must have went terribly wrong with Rod Wallace's childhood development if he can't see the evil in Trump.

David Rau

It seems that Mr. Helgemo is the one cherry picking history. There is no doubt that the Civil War was fought over slavery . How could there have been an invasion of the south by northern armies when it was the southern armies that rose up in rebellion to the union. They were traitors to the union and all the traitorous confederate monuments should go. Mr. Helgemo seems to not know that the racist south became republican as soon as the 1965 civil rights and voting rights acts were passed. And except for the 1976 election of Jimmy Carter it has pretty much remained Re publican for a good reason and that reason is that racist and bigots find themselves right at home in the Republican party. It's true that the Republican party of the late 19th and early 20th century is the Democrat party of today. If i had been alive at the turn of the last century then i would have been a Republican. Corrupt Trump is the most racist president in maybe 100 years. When he worked for his dad his job was to make sure no blacks were allowed in their rental properties. His dad was even fined 2 million by the Federal govt. for that reason when they were caught up with. And Rod Wallace can always move to Russia with Trump when he goes down in flames this nov.


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Walter Bradford

Mr. Helgemo, Good Morning,

I read your "reader's View" and I liked it too. Couple things though I wanted to pass over to you. As you indicated it was Democrats that began the Jim Crow laws immediately following the Civil War's conclusion. And a very few after the 29th Century began. By 1965 the laws were no longer enforced. The important distinction here is however, these Democrats of that bygone era were not the Democrats we see today sir. They were known as "Southern Democrats" and they were the very folks that gave legs to Secession and Civil War. The Republican Leadership was the "Grand Old Party", "Lincoln's Party" Those party affiliations were miles apart from their successors of today. Remember it was President Johnson that signed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in to law which effectively eliminated racial discrimination, as should have been done in 1866. It's true very few line soldiers and even their officers held slaves but some still did and yes, the whole of the CSA was #1, States Rights #2. Maintaining Slavery. I know modern convention in America wants to pure coat history and show that Slavery was the #1. issue causing the Civil War. It was the #2. issue causing the war because as the South looked at it, without States Rights as a precursor, you wouldn't then be able to maintain the institution of Slavery. And as we know, those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it and I'm afraid that is what we are seeing today with the current president. A man bent on making sure his friends and his "kind" get the benefit of connections in politics, law, employment and other favors. The longer he remains, the longer America will be plunged into the depths of the modern day racial, gender and ethnic divide. Best Wishes to All. Walter A. Bradford.


Mr. Bradford

I read your comments and must say our dead wrong on the latter that Trump is causing racial, gender and ethnic divide. It's the Democrats and their Liberal agenda that is causing this. They will do anything in their power whether it be legal or not to get things back to the slums that once were. Where do you think theses things get funded? Pallets of bricks just do not show up on street corners in cities where these are run by Democratic liberals. You seem like a smart man as you got your history about the civil war right which is rare these days. Trump is not trying to erase history, Trump is not tearing down monuments left and right. So who is tearing down monuments and primarily in Democratic liberal controlled environment. I am here to tell you that Trumpsters are here to stay and if the Democratic Liberal party wants a civil war I'm all in, if they want to work with one another and act like human beings for the betterment of this country I will stand shoulder to shoulder. The Democratic Liberal party with no common sense is the ones that you need to be directing you displeasure with my friend. Republican's are not the ones rioting and Its amazing that none of this has happened in a Republican controlled city. All Politicians are crooked to some extent and you have to go with the lesser evil. Imagine our country if a miracle should happen and Biden won the presidency. Uh scratch that it aint gonna happen. Don't panic when Trump is re-elected and the Dems loose the house. You will be okay. Sincerely

P.S. Quit spreading lies please because you are better than that.

Walter Bradford

Good Morning Mr. Wallace and yes, you are right, I am better than that. And thus is why I have left the traditional Republican Party to defend America and to fight against the reelection of Trump. Trump is a racially arrogant man from claiming Muslims were cheering the WTC attack in 2001 to his referral to Latinos as "Rapists & Murderers" and as recent as Trump's using the term "Kung Flu" which three weeks ago Kellyanne Conway called offensive but two days ago she said was acceptable. Now trying to blame the Chinese for not doing Trump's job is a bit far fetched but the man still tries. The Democratic Liberals that you suggest are running America's cities are not the cities that are surging with 1000% returns of coronavirus that is killing more Americans so Trump can pedal his reelection campaign. And that right now is all and only the matters that should be of concern. Just because a politician may be a registered Democrat does not automatically make them liberal as well. You need to check that sort of thinking. Just imagine if you will all the Republican politicians who are now coming out against Trump's racist remarks and characterizations because their association with him is dragging down their reelection hopes. Trump has called President Obama a Traitor. Of course, I admit, Trump has probably called 1000 people traitors since having been in office. You and I have to remember that it is his Atty. Gen'l. Barr that is seeking freedom for Trump's political buddies such a Manafort, Flynn, Stone,, and the others that were proven to have committed crimes against the United States and they were duly convicted in United States Federal Courts. But of course, they are Trump's long time political friends so yes, they must have been railroaded by the "liberal" judicial system, I know what you're thinking. The destruction of monuments is illegal and the people doing such should be found, charged and prosecuted with the punishment being appropriate to the crime. Ten years in prison with a 10k fine imposed by virtue of Trump's dictatorial say so, unilaterally is not law. Now you're suggesting you would be happy and more than willing to participate in a national insurrection? Wow aren't you the same person that seconds ago were bemoaning the very people tearing down silly monuments to dead Slave Owners and former Terrorists that tried, once before to end The American Dream with insurrection? .So that remark alone makes you an instigator of Traitorous activities in your own country. We call that Domestic Terrorism today, punishable by up to The Death Penalty. You really want to die for Trump? Oh I get it, the idiot Lieutenant Governor in Texas, Dan Patrick who has demanded that elder Americans sacrifice their lives to help float the Texas and US Economy is whom you are modeling yourself after. Well, hey knock yourself out. I had (2) tours in The Middle East and always feared the possibility of death but I faced it anyway. But Mr. Wallace I'll be darned if I'll sacrifice my life so the stock Market can go up 500 points and the price of WTI per 42 gallon barrel can go up to $50.00. You say Republicans are not the ones rioting? Oh really?? Who were the lane-brains toting loaded semi-automatic weapons in the midst of peaceful protests trying to threaten Democratic Governors with "lynching" Governor Whitmer just a month or so ago. You ever think that maybe their irresponsible actions gave rise to the current time rioters? But wait a minute, I haven't seen any of these "left wing liberals" toting semi automatic weapons and threatening state governors with death. I guess that's a lawful brand of GOP/Trump inspired Civil War????? The election is a mere (5) months away. (11) polls have Trump down by double digit point spreads. In other words, well out of the margin of error. Trump is still spreading his brand of hate through lies and conspiracy theories that only he and his kind listen to. Even FOX News has been promoting negative articles and media expose's against him since they have noted his ship is going down. So you and I can chide each other from time to time on here, I'd like that. But when this is all over, we'll go out to a coffee or breakfast and I will be most happy to allow you to pay the tab, lick my toes (sorry-I'm Liberal, I wear Sandals) and then you can spring for my dirty vehicle to be washed, waxed and serviced, I'm due in November. Then if you are really a repentant Trumpian, I'll introduce you to my Army assigned Service Dog! Mr. Wallace, no harm meant in my remarks to you, so please do not even suggest there is. I respect your rights to your opinion and your reactions as long as they do not hinder or harm someone else's. The same way about myself. Bless you and your Family and I'll see you on the jousting field shortly! Walter A. Bradford


I get you know. Your a sick individual that needs some help. Your whole fight over this is because of one man and not what’s right for this country. The direction the dems are trying to take this country is wrong. This is a fight between the good and the evil. Your sole purpose here is to just take out Trump as you all have from the beginning. Do whats right for our country and ignore your hatred for one man! While I will say thank you for your service ! That being said what went wrong with you? There’s a cure for that TDS you have and it won’t be provided by and Liberal Democrat. Get Help soon.

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