City won’t act to control loose dogs

I live in the city of Tuscumbia. A man that lives in my neighborhood has two dogs that he lets loose. He is in the county by a few feet.

His dogs come over into the city to hunt and kill cats as well as go after people.

The man up the hill from me called in a complaint. Another man over in the county also called in animal control. They said they don’t take care of these things and said to call the sheriff, so I did. They sent me to the Tuscumbia Police Department. I filed a complaint, which has done no good.

I don’t go outside without a gun, and neither do a few other people. But to shoot the dogs to protect yourself and cats, we know who goes to jail.

If they won’t do anything, why do we need an animal control officer?

A few years back, a friend called them about a bunch of dogs running loose, and he said he would shoot them. All they said is they would put him in jail, and would do nothing about the dogs.

I don’t know how, but I intend to find a way to have this matter looked into. There needs to be something done.

I guess maybe after someone gets bitten and goes to the E.R., they might do something.

I might go to jail, but if I can help it they will not kill any of my cats, or bite me.

Richard Walthall, Jr.



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