CNN’s news on Trump was petty

CNN announced a horrible thing that President Donald Trump did at the hospital while visiting the terror victims. OMG, are you ready for this horrible death-defying thing that Trump did? He spoke of the crowd size at one of his rallys.

How will America be able to live with this? I’m sure people will need mental therapy for that CNN announcement.

Maybe Antifa will riot now because it was so hurtful to all the victims that he said something/anything to do with a rally. Oh, history will never be the same now.

CNN, you’ve really gone and done it now. This will definitely destroy Trump and all his supporters.

Run for cover everybody, we are all targets now. How devastating.

CNN had to find something to blame Trump for about his visit to see Texas and Ohio victims and families. Too bad, CNN, that you could not find anything better to go after.

Paul Sabatino



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David Rau

What CNN really reported was that none of the victims of the El Paso shootings or their families would meet with Trump at the El Paso hospitals. That was the real story, the victims and their families knew that Trump singed a bill in 2017 making it legal for mentally ill people to purchase guns. Also Trump claimed that doctors in the operating rooms were coming out to meet him and the hospitals said that was a total lie! Every day Trump declines further into a fantasy world. It's been proven that the man has told 12,000 lies and hes mentally unfit for office the sooner we are rid of the orange idiot the better. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

CNN is the fake news headquarters. Now we have their leading newsman being accused of sexual assault, with a real witness to back it up.

Scott Jackson

Jacob, isn't it funny how all we hear is cricketts about this. It will never be mainstream. Liberals are such hipocrits. It is getting hilarious to see them bash the Right on issues with know evidence to back it up, or maybe spin it to fit their hate mongoring narative(#fakenews) and then get caught doing the samething with evidence to prove it, and we don't have to do a thing...hahaha...they do it to themselves. Idiots

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