There has been so much banter about what happened to Alabama’s quarterback in the Mississippi State game on Nov. 16.

Why was he in the game? Once in, should he have been pulled to accommodate his backup as the game progressed in Alabama’s favor?

Should he have been cleared to play knowing that the ankle was still tender and not 100% after the LSU game?

And just what is most important … the win, the score, the team, the championship, or the player?

The scuttlebutt has it that Tua Tagovailoa lobbied to go back in the game prior to his injury. Well, as a parent I can recall many times when my children wanted to do something that my wife and I thought was not good for their health.

Maybe that should have occurred Nov. 16, or even beforehand by the team doctors, the trainers, the coaches. Or maybe it did but their opinions were ignored. Who knows?

When playing any sport, one takes the risk of being injured. The players wear protective gear to minimize injury, but it occurs anyway. It is always hoped that the injury is minimal.

Granted, Tua’s hip injury had nothing to with his tender ankle. But then again, did that ankle affect his mobility and possibly contribute to the season-ending tackle?

Coaches out there, sometimes you have to make an unpopular decision and go with what’s best for the player, not the win, the score, the team or the championship.

Dan Penny



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