Companies, taxpayers will pay for tariffs

President Trump is lying, again. Now he’s saying that the U.S. is making “tens of billions of dollars from China” due to the tariffs which Trump arbitrarily placed on Chinese products imported into the US.

Of course, that is a complete and total lie, and he knows it’s a lie.

U.S. companies which import Chinese goods pay every penny of those tariffs, not China, and those companies will pass those costs on to you and me. We pay “tens of billions of dollars” to the U.S. treasury. This is Trump’s tax on U.S. citizens.

Now, Trump is also saying that he will divert billions of those “Chinese dollars” to U.S. farmers because they are being hurt by tariffs which China imposed in retaliation to Trump’s tariffs. Again that is a lie. He is not diverting Chinese dollars. He is giving those farmers our Trump tax dollars; again, we are being taxed to support the farmers, most of whom still support Trump.

I know Trump lies about everything. When are the people he lies to, his supporters, going to wake up?

I will give Trump credit for one thing. He understands the 35 percent of Americans who still support him; they will believe any lie he tells them, no matter how stupid, vulgar, or un-American.

Bill Fenton



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David Rau

Trumps tariffs were a colossal blunder from the start. Soybean farmers are going broke and its taking billions of our tax money to bail them out. But what can one expect from Trump the lowest iq president in history? After all he was just a bad reality show host and a failed businessman who lost 1 billion dollars in business. Even the US chamber of commerce says that Trumps new tariffs will kill 3 million US jobs and cost each family $800 dollars this year. Even the republicans in the senate has had enough of Trump they say they have the votes to stop his new tariffs on Mexico. And Trump is no ones legitmate President he lost to Hillary by 3 million votes. David Rau, Lawrenceburg

Jacob Pasley

Nothing "arbitrary" about it, I don't even think you understand the definition of that word. What we have here is just another whiny liberal diatribe. China has been raping us for decades, and our government has been 100% complicit. That is until Trump took office. If you believe this is not hurting the Chinese, then why are they retaliating against the tariffs? Far more than 35% of America supports Trump, only low info voters like yourself believe the left wing hyperbole spewed by the minute. Fact is, my take home pay is now more and what I pay at the store is the same, regardless of your baseless allegations. Trump is YOUR president, get over it snowflake.

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