You can tune into CNN any hour of the day, week or month and all you will hear them report is how President Trump is guilty of doing something wrong.

He did this wrong, that wrong. He caused this, he caused that, blah,blah,blah.

Unconstructive, negative, bias, hatefilled reporting.

It’s a wonder that anybody would tune in to listen to their non-stop idiosy.

CNN means Completely Negative News ... no honest respectful reporting, just a wasteland of human dung.

Paul Sabatino


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James Davis

So Paul, what feel good Trump stories would you like to see on CNN?

David Rau

What fake news Joe? Dude it was caught on tape where Trumps goons tear gassed the protestors for peacefully protesting or are you saying the video tape is phony?

David Rau

Bravo Mr. Bradford your so spot on. I thought Trump would be a bad President from the start but i had no idea he would be this bad. How stupid does he think these so called Christians are? He orders the military to tear gas peaceful protesters so he can stand in front of a church holding up a bible! Come on America we can do better than this!

Daddy Joe

False, proven, fake news being spread by Mr Rau once again. Pitiful TDS.

Walter Bradford

I haven't anything good to report this morning so I must be a CNN/MSNDC watcher, as one poster put it. First I saw a (2) man news crew from CNN arrested for??? They were never told, The Minnesota Governor apologized to CNN. Later that very same day, I saw (1) police officer with (State Police) emblazoned on his front fire 6-10 pepper spray filled balls at a single, female reported who became scared and started running to safety. I witnessed Trump's fiasco at St. John's Episcopal Church. Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde the church leader was very angry with his "charade" as she termed it. She said Trump did not pray, he only spoke in militaristic terms of how (HE) was going to crush the rebellion. He never spoke of the incident or about George Floyd's family. He never urged calm, he only demanded respect. He never uttered the name of God, he did not participate in any prayers, it was all about him. She said she will never let him come back to the church unannounced and without an approved agenda ever again. Defense Secretary Mike Esper went because he was lead to believe they were going to speak to the assembled troops. William Barr went along because he was told Trump wanted to speak to Law Enforcement personnel assembled. All those lies had to be told so Trump could get his way. Leaders do not resort to such misleading tactics, they don't have to, they lead by example, respect they have earned. Trump hasn't yet learned how to be a Leader. Democrats were so worried about defeating him in November 20. But, in my estimation, all they need do is just sit back, maybe take some vacation time and relax. Trump is doing a better job of torpedoing his own reelection hopes than the Dems could ever hoped to orchestrate. Mr. Trump has lost me for sure, no redemption possible. After his abysmal performance with the pandemic and now threatening "terrible weapons" on American citizens, I think it's time to put him in a rubberized, round room and tell him to go sit in the corner! Blessings to all no matter your party colors! Walter A. Bradford

David Rau

Darryl Swindle is a perfect example of why our nation is in the sad shape its in. People like Swindle will support a fool and a degenerate like Trump no matter how crazy he is. In 1974 when it was proven that Nixon had broken the law he lost all support even in his own party. Trump has said over and over that he could shoot someone on the street and he would still have support. Sadly people like Darryl Swindle will gladly follow Trump off the cliff that Trump has jumped off of. After November 3rd people like Swindle will crawl back under the rock from which they came.

Darryl Swindle

David Rue just confirm proof positive that Paul Sabatino's letter is right. That is all he knows how to do is unconstructive, negative, bias, hatefilled rhetoric that he spews at any possible opportunity. The CNN/MSDNC indoctrination has worked on him. It's easy to be a Democrat, you don't have to think for yourself. They will tell you what to think.

David Rau

Trump is the embarrassment to our nation. The would be dictator has set the military on peaceful protesters in our nations capital and created a police state there.

David Rau

CNN is just reporting the news. It's not their fault that Trump has lost his fool mind. The moron is responsible for the deaths of 105,000 Americans now and the loss of 40 mllion jobs because he did nothing for 3 months to stop the virus coming here. And now you see the riots in the streets of America because he shoots off his fool mouth. CNN is right Trump is the most corrupt President in history and was never fit for the job. If you want fake news then turn in to Fox fake news but wait they are even coming down on Trump now.

Daddy Joe

Once again, completely uninformed, nonsense, TDS to the max. Sad.... You're embarrassing yourself.

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