A proposed old fashioned 19th century trolley going down the middle of Court Street is a very bad idea.

It will require the tracks to be laid down in the turn lane the entire length of the street ending at the courthouse.

Where will the delivery trucks park to load and unload the product for their customers? Where, or how will cars be able to cross over to park on the street, turn left, or whatever they need to do?

The idea does give reasons to pause, and wallow over this very dumb idea. Be sure to advise your city representative as to how you feel.

Joe Fairer

Muscle Shoals


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Drew Talley

I think idea ultimately would be too cost prohibitive to be an effective long term viable attraction. It’s actually a great idea, but like most great ideas will come with a large price tag with a lot of operational expenses. The idea that the tracks would impede delivery was a laughable suggestion and would actually deliver people which would increase the need for more deliveries, but wouldn’t deliver enough people to justify its likely 100 million plus price tag.

Now, If some very rich person doesn’t care to lose some money on the idea, and wants to take the plunge, I know it would be a one of kind small town attraction that would be truly awesome!

David Rau

I'm guessing what they have in mind are gasoline powered trolley's like what they have in Gatlinburg, putting down tracks would really be dumb.

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