Recent “news” reports on illegal immigration are an unfortunate example on how the mass media and the Democrats have teamed up to exploit immigrants at our southern border.

President Trump and the GOP tried repeatedly to do something about the border situation for several months, but the Democrats and the mass media promoted the stories that there was no border crisis — it was just a “manufactured crisis” by the president.

To potential immigrants, the Democrats’ lack of action coupled with Nancy Pelosi’s statement that the Democrats would only do something about immigration after the 2020 elections signaled that we have an open border.

The flow of immigrants then jumped significantly with over 100,000 per month now flowing across the border. There are videos on the internet showing semi-truck loads of immigrants in caravans coming up through Mexico.

ICE has documented immigrants from 120 countries among those crossing the border, many with serious diseases.

Obviously, this situation is a serious national security issue — but national security is not of a concern to Democrats. Their greater need is their lust for power — not the welfare of the nation.

The present detention conditions exist because of inadequate funding (stopped by Democrats) coupled with the huge increase in immigrant flow (promoted by Democrat actions). Democrats and the mass media are far more interested in making the president look bad than solving this problem.

This is a classic case of Democrats creating a problem and then saying that we need to elect Democrats to fix the problem.

Phil Badger



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David Rau

Mr. Underwood you talk of me not being educated and you support Trump the worst president maybe ever, with the lowest iq of any president. Also the most corrupt with no morals a total racist and a predator of young girls. You Trump supporters may be the dumbest people on the planet! Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

I find it strange how Pasley can defend Trump on his lies.How can anyone not see Trumps manufactured crisis on the border when there was none before he took office? It's govt. figures that says illegal immigrants fell 90% between 2000 and 2016, How can anyone defend Trump when its been proven that the man has told 10,000 lies since he became our first illegitimate president? And is it not strange that Trump wants to deport all non english speaking people such as Muslims and hispanics and his own wife can hardly speak english herself? It's never even been proven that our first lady is even legal. Am I the only one that sees the irony in that? Hold on Pasley the party has just begun. Sincerely David Rau

Jerry Underwood

@ Mr Rau Have you ever thought about recycling all that tin foil around your head. Maybe you can buy yourself some of that stuff others call education.

Drew Talley

Meanwhile we just had another mass shooting by a white nationalist 19 year old who was obviously radicalized by Trump’s divisive rhetoric. We are not under threat from poor Christian refugees, but apparently we are under threat from home grown threats. People need to stop the hate.

Jacob Pasley

Yes, there are so many "white nationalists" named Santino. You are not under any threat with the exception of "Gun Free Zones". Stay away from such liberal stupidity and you'll be just fine.

David Rau

Just more bull from Trump supporters saying that Democrats created a crisis on the border. Its so strange there was no crisis until Trumps first year in office. Unlawful mexican immigration dropped 90% between 2000amd 2016. Most illegal immigrants are families and minors not criminals . Trump made the situation on the border worse by redirecting resources and attention to his irrelevant wall. You see no 2000 mile wall could ever be guarded so its irrelevant. And where will the money come from to build a 40 billion wall? Trump has just signed a budget deal that will add over 4 trillion to the already 23 trillion dollar federal debt. It was in Trump cages that 7 kids have died. Its in Trumps concentration camps that familes were separated from their kids and where migrant women have been forced to drink from toilets. Trumps manufactured crisis may play well in Alabama and Tennessee but most of the rest of the country has wised up. Its people like uneducated people like Phil Badger that continue to fall for Trumps bull. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Just more Bull from ol dumb dave. There is no way to no "ILLEGAL" crossings dropped 90%, just a play on words dumb dave hopes no one will catch. Congress made matters worse by reduced funding, Trump would love to have more resources at our border, however, democrats and activist judges have been blocking him, that is until SCOTUS finally got involved. More and more lies from ol dumb dave regarding "concentration camps" and "drinking from toilets" and kids dying from being in cages. All lies and this this lying old man knows it. Anyone with a brain can see this is a crisis, which explains why dave can't see it.

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