Democrats: Let ‘1984’ guide you

A common sense request for all prospective Democrat voters. Before the next presidential election, do our country a favor and either read the novel or rent the movie “1984 “ by George Orwell.

The country depicted will be a carbon copy of what our country will be like if the Democrats ever gain control of all three branches of our government.

You owe it to yourselves, your children and your grandchildren to never allow this to happen. Surely you can see the roots of this already beginning to grow, especially on our college campuses.

God bless the USA.

Doyle Lovelace



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David Rau

I suggest these republicans consult their Bibles about Trump the most immoral president ever..Hes had affair and affair with adult film stars and models even right after his last child was born.He has said how he loves to grab women between their legs and hes created concentration camps on the border to put kids in cages. The man is a total pig. As far as social security goes no one pays into ss more than they get out unless one dies early. And ss has kept millions out of poverty in the last 70 years or more. Just like Obama care has given good insurance to millions and has kept thousands from going bankrupt because of their lack of health insurance and rates for Obama care fell last year..Pasley wants to take this country back to the 50s but we won't go there. Sincerely David Rau

Drew Talley

You mean having healthcare for everyone and not just Senior Citizens who voted for Trump to remove everyone else from healthcare? Or the Socialist policies that Trump voters are currently enjoying under Social Security? The ideas coming from college campuses are the same ideas FDR had back in the 1930s, that Trump supporters enjoy today, but rail against as being socialist.

Jacob Pasley

Your logic is vastly flawed Drew, you are assuming all Republicans are either getting free insurance or drawing a SS check with paying nothing into it. I would have happily opted out of SS back in my 20's if allowed. I've paid far more into it that I can ever hope to get back. Your free healthcare only caused my non free to go up, I know most of my acquaintances have seen huge increases 2-3x since the atrocity known as BOcare was enacted with almost no Republican support, and rightly so. The ideas coming from colleges now is how to be a victim, which has no resemblance to the culture back in the 1930's. Bunch of whiny crybaby, snowflake, incapable, free speech hating, safe space/safety pin coddled babies dominate college campuses today. Grow a pair Drew.

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