It’s interesting how many Democrats are trying to sideline their best candidate for president.

Tulsi Gabbard is not making wild promises that can’t be fulfilled, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. She’s being disparaged by Hillary Clinton, a member of one of the most devious and corrupt political families in the history of our country. Clinton claims that Gabbard is a Russian pawn.

Gabbard believes that we should not be involved in regime change in other countries and recent history supports her position.

George W. Bush brought down Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Iraq had been a counterbalance to Iran in the Middle East. This led to the rise of Iran and its support of terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East.

As a result there has been continuous chaos since George W. Bush landed his plane on the aircraft carrier and declared the war was over.

Barack Obama and Clinton tried to bring about regime change in Syria, which has led to the death and displacement of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Maybe Gabbard has a valid point regarding regime change and, having served in the military, unlike Clinton, we should probably put more weight on her views.

Norman Kramer



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David Rau

Any Democrat running would be worlds better than the most corrupt, and the worst pres.and the least moral Trump who will soon be impeached for his high crimes. After crooked Trump goes down in flames next year the Republicon party may not be able to elect another President for 20 years or more. Sincerely David Rau

Rick Atony

While I disagree with Tulsi on several issues, she is a patriot, respectable, and seems genuine. The other options are comrade Bernie, crazy uncle Joe, soy boy Pete, and fake Indian princess Liz. That's a heck of a line up, Donkey Party.

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