Over the last few weeks, a question entered my mind that I could not comprehend: How many women must accuse a candidate of inappropriate behavior before he is considered unacceptable?

This is reflecting back on the Joe Biden-Tara Reade scandal. I believe her account, and that something did happen back in 1993.

I have been reading the responses of Democrats, and before this I could have at least said that most would do the right thing and call for the person in question to resign. Instead, I see people mocking Reade, dismissing her, and attributing common signs of PTSD laced anxiety to lying.

In effect, the Democrats are willing to elect Biden because the hatred of Trump overrules any other laws and decency.

What removed my faith in the party was how quickly the #MeToo movement was thrown under the bus. You would sacrifice an entire group of victims so that you can let one alleged wrongdoer to take the place of another?

I recall how the party called for Brett Kavanaugh's blood based on a testimony, but here we have documentation and it is dismissed?

This, for me, is a step too far. While I could stomach voting for Hillary Clinton, I will not vote for Biden. No VP choice will change this. I will not make excuses for him. I will not defend him.

The willingness of the party to discard all decency to win an election is not acceptable.

Randy Cox


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James Davis

You insinuate that documentation exists proving Tara Rieds accusation to truthful. If so, where? Joe Biden has petitioned the Senate to release Ms. Rieds supposed written complaints, and so far they have refused. Why do you think that is the case? My guess is that no complaint was ever filed.

Keep in mind that if Ms. Ried is being truthful now, that means that she committed perjury multiple times as a expert witness in numerous criminal cases where she praised Joe Biden under oath.

So, in essence, the answer to your question as to how many accusers there need to be, I would say more than one, especially if the lone accuser is a dishonest individual no matter how the chips fall.

Ira Jones

After the complaint concerning Joe Biden, Mr. Cox must not keep up with Trump, this person has multi able sexual harassment charge claims, cheated on all three wives, plus makes fun of people with disabilities. What am I missing?

David Rau

Mr. Cox has a double standard. It should be noted that 20 women said Trump tried to rape them and that Tera Read's own lawyer quit because he said she was a lier.

Drew Talley

Donald Trump had an affair with Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels as Melania was pregnant with Baron. I’m pretty sure no one cares about that stuff anymore since Trump came on the scene.

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