Thursday’s TimesDaily on Page A3 had three AP articles, all three with headlines implicating President Trump concerning the probe of wrongdoing by then Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

(There was) plenty of accusations, no solid proof of wrongdoing by President Trump, but nowhere does it mention how Biden bragged about telling the Ukraine government it had six hours to fire the prosecutor looking into his son’s corruption or he would not release the billion or so dollars of aid to them. He bragged about this, ole Qid Pro Quo Joe.

Oh, they did fire the prosecutor and Biden’s son kept his $50,000 a month job as a gas company consultant though he had no understanding, no expertise, and no experience in the gas industry at all.

Funny how that works.

Investigate the president if he has crossed lines, but not just because he won and not Hillary (Clinton); not just because he’ll win 2020 if you don’t get some made-up charges to stick.

President Trump is not a saint, but we elected a businessman and he is doing great. That may be the problem — the Democrats hate a businessman is doing better than any politician has done in the past.

Michael Darling



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David Rau

Esteemed President? Just look at Trumps record. He tried to shake down the leader of the Ukraine for phony evidence on Joe Biden's son. Just today another whistle blower has come forward with evidence of innapropriate efforts to influence the mandatory IRS audit of Trumps tax returns. Today we found out that Trump wanted to build moats along his failed wall and to fill it with alligators and snakes. He also wanted to shoot illegal immigrants in the legs if they tried to cross the border. Trump passed a huge tax cut for his rich friends that the middle class had to pay for. He wanted to nuke hurricanes. He wants to gut enviromental regulations on streams and wet lands. 7 kids were killed in his cages and nursing babies have been taken from their mothers in his concentration camps. In 2017 he made it legal for the mentally ill to buy guns. He said he wants to date his own daughter. He wants 1 trillion for mars but not a dime for roads and bridges. He wants to get rid of the 1st and 14th amendment . He is trying to find out who the whistle blowers are so he can have them arrested. The federal debt is rising 1 trillion a year under Trump and manufacturing jobs have declined to 2007 levels. The dow numbers last year were the worst since 2007 and the dow now is falling like a rock. And the US chamber of commerce says his tariff war on china will cost us 2 million american jobs. The construction of his failed wall has been stopped because of massive cost over runs. And all of this is a short list of Trump's insanity . Pasley says Trump is an esteemed President so i ask who is really the dumb one? Sincerely David Rau

Drew Talley

Trump only cares about himself. He lies so often that our government has no credibility with other nations. It’s beyond normal and frankly it’s dangerous. We need to try to get past the division and get a President that cares about this country’s future above themselves.

David Rau

These poor Republicans trying to cover up Trumps corruption by trying to shift it to Joe biden! Joe Biden had no power as Vice President to give or take away money from any nation..Joe Biden was last in the senate way back in 2008. As the Vice President the only power Biden had was to be able to break a tie in the senate. There is more than enough evidence to prove that bozo Trump tried to shake down the leader of the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on Joe Biden"s son. The worst President with the lowest iq will be impeached. And now moron Trump is going around saying that if he is impeached there will be civil war, we need to be rid of this bozo and the sooner the better. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Ol' dumb Dave is at it, again. The person with the lowest IQ in Tennessee should not criticize his esteemed President. This will turn out to be just like all other false attempts at impeachments, just another democRAT witch hunt.

The democratic party's new mascot is now Wylie Coyote. Middle America can see thru the dem's BS, it won't bode well for them come 2020. Keep up the good work dims, we true Americans appreciate your corrupt honesty.

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