It’s interesting how the liberal media and the Democratic Party have downplayed the story of Joe Biden’s alleged sexual assaults.

When Brett Kavanaugh was under consideration for the Supreme Court, the liberal press and women’s groups came out to back the woman making accusations that were unsubstantiated and later proved to be either hallucinations or lies.

Tara Reade’s accusations have substantial backing by people familiar with the situation. Where are these people that stand up for women?

Hillary Clinton, who is an expert on sexual predators, has endorsed Biden.

Stacy Abrams, the African-American woman who ran for governor in Georgia, and wants to be Biden’s vice president, said she believes Biden. Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, says she takes advice from Joe Biden.

Could it be that these women have aspirations to be Biden’s vice president, knowing that his mind is already slipping and (he) probably would not be able to finish a term in office if he were elected?

The Democrats, champions of women’s rights, have a real conundrum with nuzzling Joe!

Norman Kramer


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David Rau

No Joe Trump is the total joke. Once Trump said he could kill someone on 5th avenue and it would not matter to his supporters. Well So far Trump has killed 80,000 Americans and put 30 million out of work and bozos like Joe are still eager to be his boot licker

David Rau

It's totally true Daddy Jo about Trump. He has the lowest iq of any president in history and he is a degenerate and a mass killer because of his moronic handling of the corona virus. Any person that tells you to inject yourself with Lysol also shows his mental disease.

Daddy Joe

You are a total JOKE

David Rau

Don't forget Mr. Bradford that because degenerate Trump did nothing for three months to stop the virus coming here so far he has killed over 70,000 Americans and put 30 million out of work. Degenerate Trump will go down in history as a mass murderer,.

Daddy Joe

You are an absolute lying moron. Mental illness is a terrible disease. GET HELP.

Jacob Pasley

I love seeing these degenerates try to defend Biden's sexual assaults by restating Trump's consensual affairs, as that is even remotely an apples to apples comparison. Yes, the left has been exposed without doubt that they really don't care if a woman is sexually assaulted, as long as the assault is committed by one of their own. Biden went way beyond "grabbing them by the puzzy", we all know it, the low iq posters defending Biden know it, it's well documented and the proof is clear. Question is, how far will the left go to defend a sexual predator?

Darryl Swindle

I agree with you Mr. Pasley and I find it humorous that the best the Dems have to offer to run for President is a demented pedophile sexual predator that can't stay awake on camera.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Kramer, I find it bemusing that you have determined that you are a qualified critic of Joe Biden. If you are such a supporter of the current "prez" then I'd have to concur that you are not qualified at all. The man (t)rump is a proven coward, (5) times, a user of bankruptcy protection (5) times, a known Pathological Liar who knows how many thousands of times, a man with very little spine and integrity and a fellow that cannot make up his mind and stay firm with any decision he makes, such as the most recent (4) times waffling about the future of the coronavirus taskforce's future. Lastly, how do you come down on (t)rump justifying the astronomical increase in Viral infections and deaths related to the pandemic because in his opinion "we have to open up America."? Will you be among those, your spouse, children, grandchildren, friends maybe. Where is (t)rump and his family hiding while Americans are lead to slaughter for his reelection aspirations? What happens when we reach, 100,000 dead, 250,000 dead. When will it end, when will you be happy that enough folks died to reelect (t)rump to another disastrous (4) year term in office? Will there be anyone left in America come 2024? You?

Walter Bradford

Email sent to The White House on Thursday, 7 May 2020

Who will Shoulder Costs of Additional COVID-19 Related Deaths Since Trump

Since you Trump have determined that good American citizens must die so you can be reelected, I wanted to know who will be shouldering the costs for the funerals of the deceased. Will you personally pay for the additional 3,000 deaths per day linked to COVID-19 or will The US Tax Payer? I think it's only fair to cover those costs since it is your very dictatorial edict that will hasten and cause so many more deaths in America, once a very Honorable and proud Democracy. You are the Anti-(c)hrist that was foretold us.

David Rau

Joe Biden does not even come close to corrupt low iq Trump. Twenty women say Trump tried to r a p e them Trump also had an affair with an adult film star while his present wife (number 3) was pregnant. Also its on tape where Trump told where he loves to grab women at and the degenerate even said he would love to date his own daughter. Next to Trump Joe Biden is a saint.

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