On Aug. 19, Laura Ingraham reported on the three R’s, and I’m not talking about readin’, ’ritin’ and ’rithmetic. I’m talking about the Democrats and the mass media coming up with talking points, and then spending all day and night trying to beat a dead horse to death.

Someone is saying to the Dems: “Now, listen up, children. Here is what you need to say today. Go and tell everybody.” And the Dems go forth and spread their innuendo and falsehoods.

The main honcho behind these talking points appears to be the executive editor of the New York Times, Dean Baquet, who accepted that the Russia hoax was a dead end and from now to the election they should emphasize Trump’s alleged racism.

They spent over two years spinning their yarns about Trump’s meddling with the Russians. This story proved to be completely false and orchestrated by the Obama administration, the FBI, the Justice Department and others.

The Dems and the mainstream media have moved on from Russia and racism to recession and other words in concert. At first it was Russia, Russia, Russia. Then, racism, racism, racism. And now, recession, recession, recession.

Someone once said that if you repeat something often enough, people will believe it, and much of the Democratic electorate are so misinformed, they will believe anything.

The Dems know there is some truth to this statement. Otherwise, why would they and the mass media continue to come up with these ridiculous stories and lies?

Tom Jones



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David Rau

We Democrats don't need or have to push an agenda to get rid of General Bone Spurs the worst pres, with the lowest iq and now the worst approval ratings. He's doing that for us. Just consider what the dim wit as done the last 10 days or so. He made a phony weather map with a sharpie, he said never in his life had he ever heard of a cat 5 hurricane. He asked why we could not explode a nuclear bomb inside a hurricane? He said the old fashioned 120 year old Edison bulb cost less than energy efficient bulbs. He said he was for universal background checks on gun buyers then changed his mind and bowed once again to the NRA. He said the desperate refugees from the Bahamas were drug dealers, gang members and terrorist. And just last week he tried to negotiate with terrorist and that is just in the last 10 days. We Democrats don't have to push an agenda on Trump we are just sitting back and watching the clown show. Sincerely David Rau

Baren Racel

You literally just described what Laura Ingram and most of conservative media do on a daily basis. You could substitute the word Dems with Republicans in every sentence and it would still be true. CNN tells the Dems, Fox tells the Repubs, and they BOTH go forth and spread their falsehoods.

Maybe instead of Dems and Repubs attacking each other we should see both sides are guilty of the exact same thing, and figure out why ALL the mainstream media outlets are taking small, mostly irrelevant talking points and using them to make us fight with one another instead of talking about real issues.

Could it be both sides are trying to make a dollar off of our anger for the opposing side? Hmmm…

Jacob Pasley

They are actually the opposite, real news versus fake news. One is the democratic propaganda machine and the other exposes the false narrative, hardly the same thing.

Can you honestly say the media has a conservative bias? Only a fool or a liberal would say yes, I know I'm being redundant..

Baren Racel

Yea I think it would be pretty foolish not to think Fox News has a conservative bias... If you think they aren't their own type of propaganda machine you are living in a bubble.

Rick Atony

Spot on Baren Racel.

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