I was born during the Depression and grew up with conservative values.

During my early years in Michigan, I saw the rise of unions striving to get better pay and working conditions for working-class Americans. These people were the basis and strength of the Democratic Party.

Fast forward to the election of 2016, where we see Hillary Clinton being defeated and blaming it on the Russians. It was not the Russians that defeated her, it was middle class working people that she labeled as a basket of deplorables.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the Democratic Party have become the party of the rich and famous, foresaking the people who had once been their strength.

Norman Kramer



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Darryl Swindle

I agree with you Mr. Kramer. Don't pay attention to others who's view of history is modified to fit their politics.

David Rau

I doubt that Mr. Kramer grew up during the great depression with conservative values. If he did he was a rare bird. FDR a great liberal president saved this country from the Republican depression with the progressive new deal and won WW2 after the isolationist Republicans wanted to appease Hitler. And gave us social security and later LBJ gave us medicare that has saved millions from disease and starvation in their old age. Mr. Kramer says the democrats have foresaken the working class but its the Republican party that has always been trying to destroy ss and medicare. Its the Republicans that passed a massive tax cut for the rich that the working man had to pay for. Mr Kramer spoke of unions but its been the Republicans thats been trying to destroy unions since the days of Reagan. It was Obama that gave us Obama care that secured good health insurance for millions and Republicans ever since have tried to destroy it which would deprive 30 million of their health ins. It was Trump that made it legal for the mentally ill to buy guns which resulted in the deaths of people during mass shootings more under Trump than any other president.. And no democrat President ever committed treason and bribery in office which is leading to Trumps impeachment..So you see Mr. Kramer when you say the DNC has foresaken the common people history does not agree. Sincerely David Rau

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