I’ve been told for decades it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Not so with our current administration. No one has a clue from day to day what this virus is capable of.

As to opening schools and placing these children in harm’s way without an iota of any idea what the result may be is insane — synonymous with throwing the Christians to the lions. Now is the time to state as Jesus said: “Whatever you do to the children, you also do to me.”

As for the guidelines in school, nice thought, but adults don’t even follow the rules, as at Walmart where a signs says “Do not enter this aisle.” They enter without any regard for others.

President Trump said he was gonna open the country up. He did. He said he wouldn’t shut the country down again. I believe him.

On Sean Hannity’s show July 9, Trump stated: Yes, there’s more cases, but less death. And that’s it. The cases are there, the virus is alive and well. And Trump and his minions are willing to risk lives because they so love their economy, their borders, their defense.

Before there was an economy, borders, defense, there was human decency. God is not concerned with the aforementioned items. He’s concerned about his most precious creation — us.

If those with the power to make life and death decisions are wrong about this, we may all witness that weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Ray Jefferies


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(13) comments

David Rau

I won't ignore you Adam Scott i will continue to point out your lies and President cheeto's.


David Rau is President Dung Beetle! hip hip hoary You got to be proud!

David Rau

Yes Mr. Bradford isn't it interesting that President Cheeto wants all other kids to show up in a crowed classroom for school and even goes as far as threatening Federal funding for school's if they don't.. But not his kid, his kid will be going to a private school. What a total hypocrite this guy is. I can't wait until this filth is turned out come November.

Daddy Joe

President Cheeto?? Really?? Are you in middle school??

Adam Scott

Daddy Joe, do like I do and ignore David Rau. He is nothing more than a troll.


Rau + Bradford = 2 Dung Beetles. These boys ain't got no sense at all!

Walter Bradford

What a difference a weekend makes. Trump's so far down in the FOX News Poll that his PR guy has an argument with one of Foxs' own day time hosts. But those night time people stay with Trump Ingrahard, Handball and Carlsbad Caverns himself. So now we have a daytime FOX Anchor- Brian Kilmeade who was talking with Hogan Gidley about Trumps continually sinking poll numbers in Red States like Florida, Texas where Biden is Tide with the 'Ole Liar & chief and Michigan as well as Pennsylvania and Arizona!! Of course Hogan Gidley's response was the usual Trumpodium when he doesn't want to hear news he doesn't like, "That was a FAKE Poll" Kilmeade came back at Gidley with both barrels telling Gidley NOT to refer to the pollsters as Fakes. He knows the people behind the numbers and they work hard at accuracy. We then have Heather Childers being Fired from Fox News. Seems Li'l Ms. Wreckless came to work on March 18-19 ill, very ill and refused to go home even though she was endangering the other Fox Hosts & crew. Now Ingrahard, Handball and Caverns still claim that Dr. Fauci made up the whole discussion of the pandemic, he's not really an epidemiologist or even a doctor.that the Dems are still making a mountain out of a Mole Hill and The "Lamestream" media is all at fault. But funny, they wanted Childers fired because of their "own health safety had been compromised". Well, well, do tell. FOX is like Trump, neither of them worry about you or your family members becoming ill or dying due to the Virus but, they are just too valuable and wonderful to be made sick and dying examples of a nation gone MAD! So we are now going to risk the lives of children. I mean they are America's future doctors, lawyers, statesmen and advisors, we don't need them to survive as a nation do we. Of course not. Now Trump says he wouldn't mind sending his "wittle baby" Barron to a Public School but, when pressed about his remark, he replied, I'm paying good money for his school he's going there! Double standard Trump, the man who lies in a lump. He wouldnt send his little spoiled brat to a public school come heck or high water. Melania wouldn't have it and Trump does not want to spend the money for a wake or a funeral. Ah grand members of The once Vaunted GOP, you have one guy that lets his own soldiers be used as living targets by a close friend of his in Russia and by his other "victory" team members once known as Terrorists that Trump promised on the 2015 trail (He Would Never Negotiate with like the weak and miserable Obama & Bush Administrations had to the point). Oh so much more to come. Trump is Toast in November 2020 and it will be not from an underhanded opponent like himself but it will be as a result of his own making for the passed 3.5 years.

Daddy Joe

Your hatred of Trump has shown you to be borderline mentally ill, but calling his young son names?? You have just proven yourself to be a disgusting excuse for a human being. You are a low life that desperately needs mental help.


Been telling him the same for months now. He needs help! Deranged lunatic! TDS ring leader! This dude is worst that Joe Biden mentally!


Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Trump 2020 and you know it!

David Rau

Well said Mr. Jefferie's Trumps handling of the virus has been a total disaster. After all he could have stopped it getting here in Dec. but he said it was no big deal and just played golf. He said in feb. that it was all a hoax and that no american would die, and its only been 2 months since he told people to inject themselves with lysol.. He said every kid should go back to school in a classroom but most people are not listening to that stupid advice up here in Lawrence county in Tennessee 77% have decided to school online.Joe Biden will have a mess on his hands to clean up when he takes over in Jan.

Daddy Joe

More outright lies and fake news from Mr Rau. Sad...



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