Political polls seem to be the secret sauce of all elections in modern times. We’ve seen polls daily on every conceivable aspect of every candidate.

One we haven’t seen is polling about the Evangelical support for Donald Trump. It puzzles me when I hear some of the truly unchristian things he says. I would truly like to be able to better understand what the thought process is, hence a poll is in order.

The most important responses will probably come from Fox viewers, since they seem to have the pulse of this group.

Here are some questions that I think would help myself and others better understand the thought process.

1) Would you support your congregation calling a new pastor that had been married and divorced twice?

2) Would you support your congregation calling a new pastor that had been accused numerous time of sexually abusing young women?

3) Would you support your congregation calling a new pastor that used profanity in public?

4) Would you support the selection of a new pastor that had a well-known habit of exaggeration and untruths?

5) Would you support the selection of a new pastor that had numerous bankruptcies?

There are several more questions that could be included, but since I’m not a trained pollster someone more capable than me should frame these.

I hope this poll is taken soon. It would enlighten some of us that don‘t understand Trump’s support among the more fervent Christians in America.

Mike Hillis


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David Rau

Trump is doing the best job for the country in decades! Wow what a bizarre statement! Trump tore up the Iran treaty for no good reason and now Iran is running wild again and again is developing a nucular bomb. Iran cannot be allowed to have one because they would use it on someone probably us so somewhere down the road we will have a war with them all because of Trumps incompetence. And thousands of young Americans will die in that war. And the real aim of anti women and anti abortionist like Pasly is the total elimination of all forms of birth control. In many states in the first part of the 20th century birth control was illegal. People like Pasley wants us to go back to those times. But these people will not succed we will not go back.

joe hurst

Ummmm.... he's not a pastor, he's the President. Adults can look past personality and look at the job he is doing, and he is doing the best job for the country in decades.

David Rau

Using Pasleys twisted logic Trumps mail order wife should not have ever married him. Trumps told thousands of lies, hes cheated on his wife over and over. Trump has cursed in public and hes cheated thousands of contractors out of their money when he was in his failing business. Also someone should tell Pasley that abortion is legal and has been since 1973. Also no one can call themselves a Christian and support Trump he is the most immoral President ever and the most corrupt and just the third one to be impeached.

Jacob Pasley

Ol dumb dumb is too obtuse to see the sarcasm of my post. I was using the same "twisted logic" the author of the diatribe used, to show how stupid, like you, he really is. Ol dumb dumb is the biggest liar to post on the comments, not sure how he can justify judging his President as Trump can't hold a candle to dumb dumb's lying nature. Enjoy the next 5 Trump years dumb dumb, they will be the best of your miserable little life.

Jacob Pasley

Dumb dumb believes that 1973 is a magical date that allows the murder of babies......from the mouth of a true Jack A$$.

Jacob Pasley

People who believe killing a baby in the womb don't need to be taking polls. Let me ask you this question, should a woman marry someone who lies? Should a woman marry someone who lusted after other women in his heart? Should a woman marry someone who has cursed in public? Should a woman marry someone who has ever committed theft (time at work included)?

If all of these answers are no, you should be single right now.

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