Many times later in life most of us have to face what can be the most frightening thing we’ll ever face — a mirror.

We are forced to look at who we are today and explain to ourselves what roads we traveled to get to today. It’s traumatic and in some cases not pleasant.

My guess is that somewhere in the future, the Republican men and women who served in Congress during the impeachment process will have to look in the mirror and ask themselves where they went wrong.

What caused them to forsake every value of honesty, integrity and love of country that they’d been taught all their lives? What caused them to replace love of country with love of a human?

They will have a lot of explaining to do to their children and grandchildren about their hand in attempting to destroy the rule of law and democracy as we know it.

They will have to explain why they voted to make it impossible to remove a president, and voted to give a president absolute power over every single American and every single law.

And at some point, they will not only have to confront a mirror, but a higher power. They can only hope that there is forgiveness for their deeds. Forgiveness is all they’ll be able to ask for because many will never be able to explain their actions.

Mike Hillis



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David Rau

Only reason that Trump was not removed from office is because all of the Republican Senators are corrupt as he is except Mitt Romney. Without a doubt Trump's the most corrupt so called President ever guilty of bribery, treason, money laundering, Tax evasion, abuse of power and obstruction of justice his own former national security adviser Bolten said he was guilty of bribery but of course Moscow Mitch would not let him testify. The American people see thru this and corrupt incompetent Trump will go down in flames this next November. Now it's coming to light that Trump plans to cut medicare and medicaid. People like Palsey can deny Trump's incompetence all he wants but that won't save him.

Jacob Pasley


My Azz Got Acquitted!

The most exonerated president in the history of the US!

David Rau

Everything i wrote about crooked Trump is true and that was a short list of his corrupt actions.

David Rau

In the future people will ask how a man with no values and no morals, with the lowest iq and a total crook could ever have been elected President. Trump will go down in history as the worst President in history. Trump will be the downfall of the Republican party since they nominated him to start with. The Republicans knew when he ran that he was corrupt. He had a history of swindling contractors he had hired out of millions of dollars. they knew he had been married three times and had never set foot in a church. They also knew that before he ever ran for President he had even supported abortion. They also knew he had taken loans from Russian mobsters when no U.S. bank would loan him any money. The Republicans knew that he was never fit for office and had only been a bad reality show host and had went broke 6 times and had to declare bankruptcy 6 times. Thank goodness for Nancy she won't bow down to the orange moron. Yes the Republican senators will have to answer for letting the most corrupt President to escape justice at least for now.

joe hurst

Utterly ridiculous! You are obviously uninformed, misinformed, or just insane. Most severe TDS around! Your comments are hilarious! You can't be serious, because nobody could be so stupid.

Jacob Pasley

You obviously haven't been reading dumb dave's posts on here. He really is that stupid!

Looks like he'll be a very old man before Trump leaves office too, lol.

Jacob Pasley

Dave will exceed any perceived limit you have of stupid.

Jacob Pasley

Looks like ol dave is gonna be a very old man before Trump leaves office, lol. How's that Biden thing working out for you so far Dave? Bernie's gonna leave a big ol burn mark on the democrats come November if you think America is going to vote in a socialist.

Jacob Pasley

Only a fool would believe your diatribe. History will not be kind to the dims regarding the sham impeachment of a duly elected president. It will go down in history as an attempted political coup by the dims. Those that stopped this madness will be remembered as patriots. Pelosis' tearing up of the SOTU speech only solidifies that fact that dims hate our country and it's principles.

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