Facebook shouldn’t be political forum

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(3) comments

Adam Scott

I agree Mr. Glass. Facebook should not be a forum for political debate. Facebook is a problem in our society.

Walter Bradford

I'm sure Dr. Goebbels would be very proud!

Walter A. Bradford Florence/Facebook Foundation

Walter Bradford

Mr. Glass, The 1st Amendment of our Constitution is why you candidates place some of the campaign advertising on Facebook. But there are far more online communication channels though you only list F/B. Twitter, Any number of local business ads may have disconnected ad pop ups show since they are targeted by community location. But too, Twitter, Tok Tok, Fox News, CBS, any and all sites will have community/political news. One of the most prolific users of online campaign advertising is (t)rump. His face is plastered all over You Tube. Thisis the evolution of broad-based communications. Today the only people without internet or a Smart Phone or a simple laptop are those people who have made a voluntary decision not to have one. During The Obama Administration, a program was launched to give, yes "give" all people access to the internet as well as a basic computer. If a person can use a telephone then they can be brought up to speed on how to operate a simple CRT. Smart phones are in the hands of most people today, as a minimum. Smart hones can get online sometimes faster than a tabletop or notebook can. Truthfully communication by internet has been here for decades now but it is continually going through modernization phases. The uses by ALL advertisers should tell you that F/B as only one of many is the most visited site on the web and people and corporations to sports leagues, religious affiliations and of course celebrities choose to make it one of their highly prized means of connecting to their friends, fans, customer, the faithful. Sir I would not look at this sort of communication as a negative nut a positive one out of so many. Printed, televised, radio, you name it, even advertising on billboards and the side of over the road truck and trailers these are all part of a unified plane to let everyone know "we are here and ready to do business" Why even the politicians that have a F/B page do so because they haven't the large pocket books to buy campaign ads that are so sophisticated, that can run (12) times in an (8) hour day and sadly, news print is slowly dying. Very few people take the time to read when they can listen and see on T.V. or the internet. You tell me how many campaign events you will visit in person this year and I'll show you a couple of thousand people that will visit that same candidate via the internet. Its candidates making their campaign funds stretch the furthest they can for the best bang on their bucks. It's expensive to mount a campaign and they sometimes spend their own money to run. Walter A. Bradford Florence

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