Facts make strong case for reopening

Having become tired of hearing the gloom and doom from the so-called mainstream media, and wanting to know more about the coronavirus, I began to search for information about its characteristics. What I found on the Alabama Department of Public Health website was enlightening, to say the least.

As of May 12, we had 10,468 cases in the state, and 440 deaths. Of the active cases, the percentage of children aged 0-4 was 0.78%, and for those aged 5-24 it was 9.92%. So, the virus isn’t a real threat to those under 25, as 88.9% of the cases are people over 25.

Of the deaths, and even one is far too many, the percentages were also revealing.

No one under the age of 25 has died from the virus, and only 2.8% of those deaths are individuals aged 25-49. So, 97% of deaths are people over the age of 50.

So, why are we keeping the schools closed when children aren’t really threatened? And why are we continuing to potentially bankrupt small businesses, when careful behavior by those in the vulnerable category (myself included), should enable the swift reopening of our economy?

G. L. Gunderman


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James Davis

Alabama is heading in the wrong direction. Some areas of the state are running out of ICU beds, or already have run out, and now send critical care patients to other areas.

There is an informative article on Albama Political reporter about this that includes all the data from the state health dept.

Walter Bradford

WAPO & Fox ran print articles overnight about the concerns of the CDC where hotspots of COVID-19 are lucky to occur. Unfortunately. the whole State of Alabama is designated as a possible hotspot now and in to Autumn due to the lack of forward planning and depth of testing. As of 21 May 2020, Alabama is said to have a total population of 4,903,185. The total number of people living in Alabama that have been tested stands at 168,120 which is equivalent to 3.4% of the population (+/-). I'm not comparing our statistics with any states for one simple reason, I love Alabama and I must contend myself with the health and welfare of Alabamians first and foremost. As of the date indicated above, Alabama has 13,052 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and our deaths have increased to 522 which are directly linked to this pandemic. As indicated by Mr. James Davis in his remarks of May 20, 2020, Alabama State Medical Personnel say they are nearly out of ICU bed space and since March 13, 2020, 1,523 Alabamians have been sent to ICU facilities across the state. Our death rate stands at (2), two too many I am sure their families are thinking. We must keep those families in our thoughts and prayers going forward too!

I continue to be concerned about the "no holds barred" attempt at reopening America when from the White House on down to the local levels, folks have competing ideas on how to carry this out. There is NO standard operating procedure in place and we have conflicting directives at the state levels and no directive that one can depend on from the federal level. So folks, you only get one shot at life on this Earth. Blow and you're history no matter how you slice it. And I'm thinking that caution here IS the better part of valor, leaning on an old cliché. Everybody has a little more time to give. There will be one more stimulus package whether Senator McConnell likes it or not. You will see a Team Up between Mnuchin, Trump, Pelosi and Schumer.

A personal observation: I live on Chisholm Road and I see loads of traffic go to and froe. Before the shut down, folks had masks on fairly frequently as I did an unscientific survey. Yesterday I again watched the traffic and I admit, there is not the density now there was prior, agreed. Regardless, I saw one drive wearing a mask, one person over an (8) hour spot and check. That's what I'm afraid of, return to work or play or party, forget or ignore the risks, pretend they're gone and then a whole family's future and love, security could be upended literally overnight.

Blessings to everyone no matter your political lean, we ALL matter!

David Rau

Mr. Swindle is a special kind of stupid he believes that the Corona Virus is a hoax made to bring down Trump and that Trumps economy is the best in history. There are some 36 million people out of work and small businesses are failing left and right under Trump. Under Trump we have more unemployed now than during the Great Depression. We Democrats don't need to make up anything to bring down Trump he is doing that job for us.

Darryl Swindle

Dav (with no ID) You have already cornered the market on stupid. One only has to look at your past comments to see that you are educated far beyond your intelligence.

David Rau

I wonder which of Mr. Scotts civil liberties are being violated? Does he think that naz i s have the right to force themselves into the Michigan statehouse carrying assault weapons? Mr. Scott is just like his pathetic President. Trump dropped the ball with his pathetic response to the Corona Virus and now he and his rapidly decreasing numbers of supporters now say the Virus was no big deal. Trump sees his approval ratings are sinking fast and he is desperate. It would not surprise me to see Trump trying to get us into a war with some country to try to save his worthless self.

Adam Scott

There is absolute no reason we shouldn’t open up. And by the way, most of Fox News is hiding the truth just like all the left wing media. There are a few from Fox telling getting the facts right though. The people are being told lies and some governors are violating our civil liberties. You should be more worried about that and less worried about this virus. I’m so glad Trump is our President and not some loony leftie during all this overreaction concerning the virus.

Walter Bradford

Good Day Mr. Scott,

Your opening statement of, "There is absolute no reason we shouldn’t open up.", isn't backed up with any specifics, so there isn't much that needs to be said over that. If you decide to reply with statistical analysis, CDC reports or personal, first hand knowledge, please tell us. As far as Fox goes, they are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the (t)rump mafia and their own recorded history flushes them out. Your next claim, that people are being told lies and some governors are violating our civil liberties is very curious to me. These lies, are they in anyway tied to FOX as I detailed or who, in your estimation is doing the lying, other than Mr.Trump. I again cannot rebut your remarks without some proof positive details please. And further you say the governors are violating "our" Civil Liberties. Now how can this be Mr. Scott? Do you live in multiple states simultaneously? How does what more than your home governor have to do with your quality of life, Civil Liberties and choice of death? I really would like to hear from you on that topic as well so I may be able to understand more of how governor(s) are disrupting your way of life and that of your family members. So then you protest the fact that worrying more about liberty than dying from an International Pandemic that has claimed more lives than a typical seasonal flu epidemic here in America. For instance, humor me while I list some really quick statistics to reinforce my claim:

2019-May 15, 2020 Cases= 1,500,660 (Confirmed Cases)

2019-May15, 2020 Recoveries= 263,912 (Confirmed)

2019-May 15, 2020 Deaths= 89,846 (Confirmed)

Now what is interesting here Mr. Scott is the information one derives from reading between the lines.

The confirmed case amount (-) the confirmed recoveries leaves= 1,236,748 cases that may be still ongoing for one reason or another. Also this does not spell out whether the confirmed deaths are part of the total number of confirmed cases. But for the sake of argument and to give you, Mr. Scott some added wiggle room, I will take the new number of cases after recovery and subtract the confirmed number of deaths which then gives us a new confirmed case total= 1,146,902. That's tough number especially for those folks still fighting the disease and fighting the call from The Grim Reaper plus their families and friends that love them dearly.

We'll move right to the Confirmed Deaths=89,846 Confirmed Deaths. Now look at this Mr. Scott that number was as of May 15, 2020. But if we look back just a mere (5) days, the then Confirmed Deaths as of May 10, 2020= 80,322. What would say to the families of those people that died just because they came in to contact with you Mr. Scott, you remember, you were angry because your liberties were, you said being violated and you deserved the right to open the country back up. What you did not consider as hasn't your vaunted, corrupt current president is how your rights have violated the rights of others to live freely and healthily from disease, pestilence and reckless behavior. Why Mr. Scott you could be one who is Asymptomatic and I'll explain that so you know for sure what it does mean. You are a carrier but thanks to your health, genetic engineering or life practices you are not one that will, as we understand it currently, going to become ill or worse, die. But you in your patriotic fervor (for yourself only that is) have taken a path that in of itself could and probably would infect and kill others. Could you live with the Mr. Scott? I was in the US Army as a very low company grade officer. I was involved in one sporadic fire-fight, we laid down several members of the "bad guys" as we so gallantly referred to them. But you know what? When I went over to them to hunt documents, I.D. papers and the like, they weren't so scary to me, A few even looked like teenage children, harmless. Yeah somebody brainwashed them, convinced them to help throw out the "Westerners". I have always wondered what they would have done, how they would have reacted given a second chance to rethink their decisions. I suggest you too rethink your remarks about your rights, liberties and wants and how they will affect innocent folks that do not, in any way share your views. Who has the greater rights you or people that just want to be left alone to live.

God Bless you Mr. Scott and your Family.

Walter A. Bradford

Darryl Swindle

I agree with you Adam. I find it highly suspicious that the “ pandemic” happened after the many unsuccessful attempts from the left to destroy Trump’s successful economy. This is looking like another engineered attack on America. They don’t care who they hurt to get rid of Trump.

Walter Bradford

So Mr. Swindle do I understand you to be calling your beloved president a bald-face Liar? Just yesterday I received correspondence, copy in hand from The White House, you know the place, your president is said to live there except every weekend and holidays when he flies to Mar-a-Largo on taxpayer's monies. This letter dated, April 29, 2020, he details to me about an amount of money I'm due but, you know what else he says Mr. Swindle? He says that I am receiving this money as result of the "pandemic" which you state is "suspicious". He doesn't say that in this letter though. He says the pandemic is real, that the nation's top priority is "your health and safety". He goes on to say that "we", the Executive & Legislative Branches of Government, are working together to ensure I and all other Americans have the full support we need to get through the economic downturn also caused by the global pandemic. You see Mr. Swindle you would have everyone believe that the American economy was the only economy shut down and that it was done so by petty partisan political maneuvers, I think you call it, "another engineered attack on America." That's a mighty powerful allegation to make. Problem is, it's also a bogus allegation to make. You see Mr. Swindle the economic shutdown affected not only America but all the major global economies, you know the ones, China the 2nd largest economy, Germany the 3rd largest economy and so on and so on, right down the line. So this isn't an incident specific only to America as you would have innocent and maybe a bit naïve Americans believe. It's the whole world. And whether you like it or not, If America does not have trading partners around the world, then we have no one to sell our goods, that we produce or develop and thus, America goes down the tubes with everyone else, we're all in this together. Isolationist behavior doesn't pan. nor does silly and baseless conspiracy theories. And you have zero facts to present Mr. Swindle to reinforce your claims thus it's just one more in a never ending chain conspiracy theories which are symptomatic of paranoid segment of America. Maybe your president can get away with baseless claims but he's beginning to run out of stories to tell, save the new one he has now called "Obama-Gate" lol! I am so looking forward to the Fox-Trump Conspiracy Soap Opera to start on that one! Have a great day Mr. Swindle oh and by the way, please take care of your health there is a pandemic ongoing. Death Toll now stands at 93,000 Americans! And I remember when your president said no one person in America would die from the pandemic. Amazing how things do change overnight.

David Rau

The facts are that the corona Virus is still spreading and we will not be rid of it until we get a vaccine. Mr. Gunderman says small businesses are going bankrupt but how could that be after just 2 months? Everyone got a stimulus check and there is fed aid available to most small business. Did Trump not say over and over before the virus hit that we had the greatest economy ever in American history? So how is it possible that lots of businesses are going bankrupt after just 2 months? Do you maybe think that was a lie to begin with?

Dan Haynes

Thank You Mr. Bradford for being a voice of reason. Any hurried approach which involves our greatest resources, our children and grandchildren, along with our educators, doctors, nurses and frontline responders should indeed be approached with caution.

Walter Bradford

Dear Mr. Gunderman,

We are keeping schools closed out of an abundance of caution, simply put. Today is 5-15-20 just a mere three days since the case date quote you noted, As of my writing Alabama has reported 11,101 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 473 confirmed deaths. You may have overlooked the fact that the kids don't go to school alone and supervise themselves or educate themselves. Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Administrative personnel, Janitors, maintenance staffers, Librarians, Coaches, Cafeteria personnel, School Bus Drivers, Activity Coordinators and Grounds Keepers all have to be in attendance when kids are in class.

Also there is a growing number of cases of a "Kawasaki Type Disease" linked to coronavirus that has now stricken over 100 children. Hives, fever, upper respiratory, lethargy, inability to eat, drink. Medical & Scientific experts are totally baffled by the onset of symptoms. The children affected have not had COVID-19 but have been in close proximity to folks that have. Now I don't know about you but if it were my child and we had an international pandemic without predictability, which we do and there was an associated unknown disease format decimating otherwise healthy children, my kids would be staying home, period.

I heard you allude to the "mainstream" media and am I glad we have them! If it were left up to media outlets like, say FOX News for instance, they would say one day everything is a hoax, a political party ploy to only come back a week later and claim they had solely been giving out timely and accurate information all along. Same with their Silly backing of Hydroxychloroquine, (Plaquenil). I think we have some top rate individuals urging caution at the federal level, state and local levels for a reason, that being no one knows for sure what is propelling this virus, how many strains there are out there and most importantly how it is and will affect our children.

I think I'd let them make the calls and you and I support their decisions.

Walter Bradford

Times Daily and Mr. Gunderman forgive me, I forgot this part in my original response. May 12, 2020 you quoted a number of 10,468 cases and 440 deaths. Just three days later the confirmed cases have exploded to 11,101, a 5.7% increase. Deaths sadly stand at 473 a sickening increase of 7% over your quoted 440. Just in a lousy (3) day period Mr. Gunderman. No matter how you try to slice it, those numbers have to come way down before we can parents to ethically risk their children's lives away from the home. They are being educated just as well at home as they would be risking their lives in a mass environment. Good for them!

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