Most people probably haven’t paid sufficient attention to actions Donald Trump has taken which will affect generations to come in a negative way.

The most reported action was the $150 billion per year tax cut, primarily for the richest 1% of Americans. This was done without any replacement revenue. So, regardless of who benefits, rich or poor, the ones who suffer will be the poor and middle-class who rely more heavily on programs funded by the federal government. Either cuts to programs will need to be made, or the federal deficit will rise to unsustainable levels — something that all Republicans would have never allowed until Trump took over their political party.

More recently, Trump is in the process of changing environmental rules and regulations to allow companies to build anything, anywhere, without having to do environmental impact studies.

The Trump group is in the process of making America as it was in the early 1900s — a few rich barons and a lot of poor, sickly, malnourished workers with no hope.

Far-sighted politicians and activists worked hard to make America the shining example of what could be everywhere in the world.

A lot of what Trump does won’t ever affect me. However, I wonder how, 20 to 30 years from now, some of you Trump-enablers will justify your support for him. As I have said before, he only cares about himself and money — not you or me or our children or grandchildren.

What’s saddest of all is most of you already knew that.

Rodney Osbirn


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David Rau

Still have not been giving any examples on how Trump has helped this country but i did see something interesting in the news today. When Trump was at the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland he gave an interview and said he plans on cutting Social Security and Medicare in the next year. Is this an example of how Trump is making our country better? Still waiting?

Paul Kersey

The TDS runs strong with these left wingdingers.

David Rau

Give some examples of how Trump has helped this nation more than the public knows,i'm very curious?

Adam Scott

Nothing in your opinion was true. This President has done more to help this country than most of the public will ever know. It’s the Left’s actions that have hurt our country for generations to come.

David Rau

Yes our nation will be paying a steep price for having had Trump as President in the future..Trump made it legal in 2017 for the mentally ill to buy guns which means more mass killings in the future. Trump has done his best to gut enviromental regulations which means more dirty air and rivers in the future. Trump gave a huge tax cut to the rich which is and will cause the national debt to skyrocket which may force our nation into bankruptcy down the road. Trump for no good reason tore up the Iran treaty drafted under Obama which stopped Iran's development of the bomb and since Trump tore it up Iran is making a bomb again and thousands of young american's will die in a future war because of the incompetency of Trump. Also future leaders will take a page out of Trump's playbook and will not care if they are corrupt if Trump is not found guilty in the senate of his crimes because Trump is the most corrupt President in history.

joe hurst

So much false information here, I don't know where to start.... Either grossly uninformed or severe TDS. Probably both.

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