Our country is deeply divided along political, philosophical and racial lines. Serious issues are being discussed, and protests, some peaceful and some otherwise, are prevalent.

There seem to be more questions than answers; there is certainly much talking and little listening.

Not surprisingly, people on both sides of these issues cry out for “my rights,” “my welfare,” “my interests,” for whenever we perceive our rights, our welfare and our interests jeopardized, most of us will fight for our fair shake (justice, opportunity, safety, etc.).

Too often, we, at least by implication, pronounce our own behavior laudable, while strongly condemning the attitudes, words and actions of others.

While specific societal issues will always be important, and right and justice should ever be defended and promoted, we don’t seem to be making much real progress as the same issues keep arising time and again.

I believe, actually I know, the panacea to remedy all our national ills — most call it “The Golden Rule” — “Whatsoever you would that men should do to you, you do even also unto them” (Matthew 7:12).

Don’t do anything to another you would not want him to do to you; but more than that, what you wish others to do toward you, you behave that way toward them.

It’s a positive, no loophole charge to put others first, and do and say only those things you would welcome from others.

We should not just to refrain from doing harm, but initiate kindness and love toward others; not just to certain people under specific circumstances, but to everybody, everywhere, all the time. Then, and only then, can we secure and maintain a harmonious, peaceful world.

Think on these things.

Steve McFall


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