GOP covers lies with polite words

Republicans have, since Donald Trump came down the escalator, been searching for new wording to describe the daily untruths uttered by Trump.

They’ve search the dictionary, picked each others brains, and congratulated each other when one of them comes up with a new more polite way of explaining away the “mistruths.”

They’ve had to find ways to explain his lies to the base and not anger the president. Just to name a few, there was “exaggeration,” “hyperbole,” “aspirational,” and the really famous “alternative facts.”

The list is lengthy and will continue to grow. You probably have your own favorite, but my new favorite is “serial exaggerations.” How crafty and inventive is that?

One of the famously talented big brain deep thinkers on Fox, Brett Hume, introduced that one recently.

They’ll keep coming up with more because the lies keep coming, and each one will be more inventive than the next. But rest assured: One thing they won’t do is simply say, “Mr. President that is a flat out lie. We know it. America knows it.” For the sake of America, could you stick to the truth?”

That would get them thrown out of the Republican Party.

Mike Hillis


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David Rau

Right again Joe lets compare Obama's record with Trump's. Obama saved us from W's depression. Obama saved the auto Industry, Obama got good health insurance for 50 million people. Obama had Osama Bin Laden hunted down and killed. Obama made BP pay for their massive oil spill in the gulf. Obama regulated the corrupt banks and that's a short list. What did Trump do? He gave a huge tax cut to his rich friends. He let over 60,000 Americana get killed by the virus and let 30 million people lose their jobs. Hands down Trump is by far the very worst President in American history.

David Rau

Name one thing i lied about. Everything i said about Trump in on tape. Also i'm 67 and retired. I was able to retire because I made good money under Obama, you remember Obama right? He was a good decent smart man not the filth we have in the WH today

Daddy Joe

False. Again. I don't consider a lying pot head, that was the worst POTUS in decades to be a "good decent smart man".

David Rau

You want a list of recent Trump lies Mr. Walker? How about when he said back in early March that the virus was just a hoax. Back in late Feb he said we just had maybe 15 cases and they all would be recovered in a few weeks. Around that same time he said there would be a miracle and no deaths would occur in our nation. After the virus began to spread in mid March he said anyone in the USA could be tested that their was enough tests for everyone. Two days ago he said that taking an injection of Lysol into ones body would cure the virus. Yesterday he tried to get out of that by saying he was just kidding. Those are just a few of his lies and they were all captured on video tape and you call the bozo a good president. Mr. Walker what are you smoking?

Daddy Joe

You have lied several times in your reply. Spreading fake news. Your TDS is beyond repair. You really need help for your mental illness. I truly feel sorry for you. So sad...

Jerry Walker

Son, you need to move out of your parents' basement and get a life - also if it's possible, get an IQ.

Jerry Walker

Mr. Hillis, together with numerous other Trump haters, make unsubstantiated general allegations about untruths but, like the others of his ilk, he neglects to specify the untruths and provide facts to back up his warped view. I grew up in the South were respect, and respectful disagreement, are a mark of one's manhood (or womanhood). Obviously, Mr. Hillis is not from my South; his super hero is probably the New York Governor's brother, Chris Cuomo. As for me, I'll take ole Donald J., warts and all, at any time over any president we've had since Reagan.

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