Every country in the world with government-controlled medical care, or “socialized medicine” if you want to call it that, controlled their COVID-19 pandemic quickly and adequately.

In the U.S., our “fend for yourself” health care system is still killing thousands of Americans that could have been saved with a better health care system.

It does not matter how good the doctors and nurses are; if the system is not working then more people are going to die.

We must change our health care system dramatically.

Peggy Baker


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(8) comments

David Rau

The medicare for all health care that all other developed counties have must work pretty well you sure don't see any of hem wanting to change to the broken down system we have. We are the only nation in the world where many go bankrupt if they come down with a serious illness. Mr. Scott says Obama lied but I don't know of any but it's been proven that President Cheeto has told 12,000 of them. Adam Scott says the Democratic party has never done anything for the people which is just another of his lies. Maybe he can tell us something good that the Repliccon party has done for people? Obama Care gave good affordable health insurance for 40 million people I know because i had it before I was old enough to go on Medicare which was another good Democratic idea.Now in our nation there are 30 million with no health ins. because President Cheeto put 45 million out of a job, and if Obama Care was ever ended another 30 million would join them.We will have medicare for all and the process will begin in Jan. when Joe Biden takes over and we have a democratic Senate.

Adam Scott

Also Ms. Baker, this socialized medicine you crave isn’t what you think it is. I’ve been to countries that have socialized medicine and I can guarantee you it doesn’t work. People have waited for weeks for urgent care and most times it doesn’t arrive. Heaven forbid you would need emergency care. And what happened to obamacare? Wasn’t it suppose to be the cure all? Everything obama said about the affordable care act was a lie (well everything obama said about anything was a lie). It hasn’t work and nothing the democrats and Republicans do ever works. There is not one law or plan the democrats have ever put forth that has ever worked. Be careful what you wish for. Do some research without depending on someone to do it for you.

David Rau

America has the highest death rate and the fastest spread now of any nation in the world and that comes after the many Trump lies about the spread of the virus, and the CDC says these numbers are really under reported.

Walter Bradford

Medical Experts and Epidemiologists are telling the Trump experiment that we can't reopen schools just yet and we should shut down again and restart the process but do it right this time. Trump doesn't care, he's protected 24/7 from contact, his boy Barron goes to a private school as does his other children's kids and Melania just flies all over the world daily shopping. So yeah heck with the Commoners. Walter A. Bradford Florence

Adam Scott

Ms. Baker, I just looked up the death rates for covid (as of today). The U.S. has about a 3.4% death rate versus a death rate above 4% globally. And that’s after all the false reporting by our hospitals. We’re doing better than the others.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Scott we are now having problems with the Trump Administration parsing words by improper screening of the death terminology, If your using the Death by Confirmed Cases as a measure, yes we will look better because that number is only determined by victims who are treated before hand or have an autopsy performed post mortem if you use the term associated without the direct cause which Epidemiologists use we are much worse off than not all of Europe but of those European Nations that failed to property prepare, identify and treat cases. It's just more Trump Smoke & Mirrors - How can we say this to make us look better until the election? I want to win again! Walter A. Bradford Florence

David Rau

We must and will have medicare for all and the process will begin in Jan. when Joe Biden takes over. If President Cheeto ever gets his way and the Supreme Court was to throw out Obama Care another 30 million would lose their health care just as The Trump Virus has put 45 million out of work and those people do not have any health insurance now.

Walter Bradford

Ms. Baker, you totally shock me Ma'am. How can you blame a national health Care System when you have a president refusing to allow the Health Care Professionals to even issue Health Care Warnings, to test people for the possibility of infection, to confiscate Medical Statistics being sent from national hospitals to The CDC and rerouting them the The White House. When this same idiot tells people to use disinfectant internally and also to swallow UV lights, this very same maladjusted Fascist then tells America that Hydroxychorloquine is the miracle cure for the pandemic, later proven to kill people not cure anyone. The same person claims he had taken that medicine but had no problems, when asked to show his current prescription, he refuses. Now he demands that funding for Testing and Reporting be removed completely because it makes his Administration look bad. This also the very same president that wanted SCOTUS to abolish the American Health Care Act this year but he has nothing to replace it with or any suggestions on how people could receive treatment for the infection or as a preventative medical service. SCOTUS intentionally did not even discuss the measure this term. Yeah I don't know where folks get their ideas from but my lands you want to abolish a system that is working whether you want to admit it or not. But even so, you say change it but you offer no details or suggestions on how to do so. If you're well to do or retired, good for you but, there are thousands of Alabamians that are out of work now, that have multiple children, spouses and they are about to lose their enhanced unemployment checks thanks to Trump. I think the last thing they need is for people to suggest they also foot the bill for medical treatment when the possibility of they or a member of their family becoming deathly ill is greater than 60%. Walter A. Bradford Florence

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