COVID-19 test numbers are being sensationalized by the media. Daily the media chants about increases in positive tests and deaths from COVID-19, but why do they not report how many new cases are hospitalized?

Recently, the CDC changed its death reporting criteria from confirmed to probable, thus increasing that number.

Now that testing is prevalent, when one worker at a factory becomes sick then everyone is tested, causing increases.

We were initially told to stay home for the sole purpose of preventing an overwhelming surge on hospitals. Never was it to stop the spread — only to slow it and in effect prolong the pandemic.

There are only 3 ways to stop the spread:

1) Everyone (must) isolate and quarantine with zero outside contact.

2) A vaccine, or

3) 80% herd immunity.

Those 65 (and) up, and/or with chronic medical conditions should strictly quarantine and truly isolate.

After discovery and approval, vaccine production will take six months. With worldwide demand, widespread vaccine distribution will take at least six months with prioritization first given to health/public workers, those with chronic conditions, elderly, then 65 and under.

Very few people are getting sick enough to require hospitalization, despite increasing test numbers.

Those least at risk need to continue working and keep the country running and speed up the herd immunity while waiting for a vaccine to be available.

Pete Williford


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David Rau

The only time head immunity happened in the US was the 1918 swine flu epidemic and that was because no vaccine could be developed in that era. The population of the US was around 100 million and the swine flue killed 675,000 Americans. Using Darryl Swindles logic a modern day swine flu would kill over 2 million Americans because our population is over 300 million. I don't know Darryl Swindle personally but if he cant wait until we have a vaccine next year, if he cant be bothered to wear a mask or to social distance then it would appear that Mr. Swindle has way more problems than just bad politics.



Darryl Swindle

Herd immunity works. It has worked in past epidemics. Epidemiologist not employed by the government will confirm it has been tried and proven.


Boy Darryl you stirred the Dung Beetles up today. [thumbup][beam]

Darryl Swindle

They both are idiots but they are entertaining.


[thumbup] You'd think they work for CNN! One is Don Lemon and other is Jim Acousta.

Walter Bradford

Dear Mr. Williford, I read your post sir and I was a bit confused. You appeared to say that the news media and the media alone was creating sensationalized market on the return of the virus and hospitalizations were of no major concern. If I am wrong in that, please correct me. I'd like to share with you a headline from "STAT" News, as the name implies, it is a medical periodical publication: "Rising Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations underscore the long road ahead" The next headliner is from The CDC itself: "Texas announces record number of hospitalizations as its daily death toll rises" and the final headliner is from The MAYO Clinic and apart of a CDC collaborative research report: Updated June 23, 2020

Interpretation of Forecasts of New Hospitalizations; "By mid-July new hospitalizations are estimated to be between 1,000 and 15,000 per day. The (3) previously quoted publications were 17 June 2020 and 23 June 2020. These are directly linked medical publications Mr. Williford. If they are subsequently re-reported by traditional news outlets okay but the reports are first generated by Medical Professional whose daily responsibilities are to study and report changing statistics sir. To accuse journalists of sensationalism is like your president wanting to end or slow down testing so America "looks better while he is president" he's a maniacal idiot with no concerns about Human Life than how many people will vote for him in November 2020. His stage show in Tulsa was a failure because people are afraid, they don't trust Trump for the truth about the pandemic and contrary to what the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas claims is the "duty of Senior Americans to die for the US Economy". I see he hasn't followed his own advice yet! Dr, Fauci Mr. Williford testified before The House on 6/23/2020. Did you listen to any of his testimony? If not, please do yourself a favor and research his remarks, it's not pretty for America and the CDC Staff all of which work for Trump confirmed all that Dr. Fauci reported. Many in The GOP have tried to demonize Dr. Fauci, mostly due to their own lower levels of understanding and ignorance that Trump encourages daily. Mr. Williford, we have so much to do and what we all need to do is stop questioning the experts and just do what they suggest. I would also suggest everyone quit listening to your president because he'd kill the whole lot of us just so he could brag about having done so! Blessings to you Mr. Williford, Walter A. Bradford

David Rau

Pete Willford is just as sick as Trump. Bunker boy Trump wants testing to stop so it will appear that the Covid virus is disappearing . Willford speaks of herd immunity in the name of pure greed. He wants a wide open economy and does not care how many people die. There is no evidence that once you get the virus that you are immune to it. And hospitals in Texas are almost full of patients that have the virus so its a lie that not many people are being hospitalized because of the virus. It.s not the press that sensationalized the virus that was Trump who appeared daily for several weeks on TV in what he thought a winning strategy for himself until he stopped it because he made a fool of himself. There is only one way to slow down the virus until we have a vaccine and that is to social distance and wear a mask when in public. The reason that the virus is out of control in the south is that no one is doing it and that red state Republican governors are taking their orders from fool Trump.



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