How can Dems accept evils of their party?

Before the next national election, I have two questions and a few points for my Democrat voting friends and (gasp) relatives to ponder.

The first question is: Have you really looked closely at your party lately?

Yours is the party that has turned Socialist, the party of open borders, and political correctness.

Yours is the party intent on destroying the First and Second Amendments of our Constitution, the party that caters to and endorses every radical group that comes along.

Yours is the party trying to destroy ICE, our border patrol and other security arms of law enforcement, and appears to despise our country.

Final question is: Now that you are aware of the evil associated with this party, How can you possibly remain a Democrat voter?

Doyle Lovelace



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Robert Gasbird

I once taught a college-level debate course and your argument is termed “propaganda.” That means you assign labels without supporting facts. I am NOT a Democrat but rather an independent voter. walking the streets to oust Trump from office. The reasons:

1. I don’t care for fellow professionals who brag about grabbing women by the genitals and insulting other people rather than working with them.

2. I have the same business education as Trump and it is proven that tariffs do not work. Anybody with a college-level education in economics understands they never have worked and never will.

3. As a business major (finance and accounting) I know there will not be enough jobs for everyone in the next decade and we must begin thinking about a socialist economy where we spread the wealth, or we go back to feudal times. People in my field make $150. per hour, the average Walmart employee makes about $15. per hour. Am I really ten times a better person than the Walmart employee, or am I simply exploiting them?

4. I also have a background and practice law. Every part of the Constitution has changed over the years. Despite the Second Amendment, you are not entitled to have a cruise missile or nuclear weapon on your property, so regulation of weapons is a matter of degree. Similarly, you have a First Amendment right, but you may not shout “fire” in a crowded theater. I am happy the First Amendment allows me to write this comment, but I know my rights are limited in other areas.

Please don't simply assign a label to me or call me a name. Support your argument with facts.


David Rau

It was Harry Truman who once said "I dont give these Republicans he## i just tell the truth and they think its he##" Everything I post on here is the truth and these Republicans know it. Here are two more truths just today the commerce dept said that manufacturing has declined in the US for the first time in over a decade. Because of Trumps mismanagement of the economy. Another truth today the chosen ones (Trump) ratings are down to 35% approval it appears that the American people have found where the truth lies. Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

How can Republicans accept the evils of their party? Just look at the record of Trump, it was the Republican party that made it legal to sell guns to the mentally ill and led to the death of 22 in El Paso. It was Trump that ordered the FDA to allow more fecal matter in our meat supply. It was Trump that ordered the EPA to allow more mercury to be put into our air through coal Smoke stacks. It was Trump and the Republicans that has allowed deep water drillers in the gulf to remove blowout protection on their rigs. It's the Republican party that's becoming more fascist every day. It"s Trump that wants to destroy the 1st and 14th amendment. And how can Democrats be for open borders when it was under Obama that the numbers of illegals in our nation was cut by almost 2 million? Also Trump tore up the Iran treaty and now Iran is making a bomb again. Trump lied about how many jobs were created this year the latest commerce dept figures said there were 500,000 less jobs created. Just yesterday it was found out that a breast feeding baby was taken from its mother in Trumps concentration camps on the border. After the failed tax cut for the rich last year that raised the fed debt 4 trillion we found out from the IRS that the mddle class had to pay 90 billion more in federal tax this year. They also have Trump on tape saying he loves to grab women between the legs. How can anyone support a law saying a woman can't have a abortion for incest or rape even if the mothers life is at stake? Just today Trump said he was the second coming of Christ ! Tell me Mr Lovelace how can you support a party so stupid and just plain evil? Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Well, the village idiot finally showed up and showing his true anti Semitism colors with yet another "concentration camp" lie.

Trump did not allow mentally ill patients to obtain weapons, he is referring to an illegal list started by the BO admin to bar anyone who receives assistance with their SS benefits from owning weapons. Yet another of ol Dave mischaracterizations and lies that have been aptly refuted and he still insists on telling them, the very definition of evil if you ask me.

The US is the only developed nation to reduce emissions, all done under the Trump administration.

There are more jobs available to today than we've seen in decades. Great times to be in America if you have the desire to work.

I'm middle class and can proudly say, I pay less tax now under Trump. The democrats won't work, they are the drain on our economy. Everything must be free because they want to sit on their lazy butts and smoke dope all day.

No one is saying you can't have an abortion if the woman's life is at risk. Just another Dave lie. You will always have the right of self defense, even if it's your own child that is killing you. Never understood why dims love to kill babies though.

Yes the democrats are in fact the party of evil. Dave represents it well.

Jacob Pasley

Everything you said is factual and true. Any moment now, you'll be challenged with hyperbolic lies about concentration camps and forcing kids to drink out of toilets.

Rick Atony

Us democrats ignore the evils because we want the "free" stuff, duh. Free money, free healthcare, free college, free stuff to the moon! Only racists, bigots, ICE agents, US armed forces hate free stuff. LGBTQwhatever people like me even like free emotional support animals - republicans hate emotional support animals of all types : birds, reptiles, fish, mammals especially if they're free. Losers - they love working; vote Dem; Pocahontas 2020!!! Weeeeeeee

Jacob Pasley

1/1024th pocahontas and 1023/1024 sitting bull squat.

Drew Talley


Jacob Pasley

I agree, dims are brainwashed

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