Often, I hear people in both political parties and the media exclaim, “We must preserve our democracy.” They completely ignore the fact that this country has never been a pure democracy.

Since the founding of our country under our present Constitution, we have had a republic, which means that people choose representatives to represent them. The citizens vote directly for their representatives, but they do not vote directly for the president.

Thank God that our founders had enough sense to keep our country from being ruled by a mob of people. A mob would keep on voting the representatives in office as long as they obtained a lot of goodies or “free” stuff.

The Dems call their party the Democratic Party. Yes, they are always having a party because people are drawn to anything that is free. However, they are not “democratic” because the final nominee can be determined by the “superdelegates,” who account for about 15 percent of the delegates.

Democratic governors and federal senators and representatives are superdelegates as well as previous presidents, a process adopted in 1984. (The party elite were not happy with George McGovern or Jimmy Carter.) A governor of Rhode Island can have just as much power as the governor of California.

The list also includes party officials and activists, which is a downright shame. Most of these superdelegates are people voted on maybe decades ago.

The Republican Party superdelegates must vote for their state’s popular vote winner, a better but not ideal process.

Tom Jones



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David Rau

Trump is an adult? Would a adult cheat on his wife with a adult film star right after he last son was born? Would a adult cut 1 million kids from getting a school lunch? would a adult gut enviromental regulations to help dirty coal even though coal companies are going bust left and right? Would a adult cut taxes on his rich buddies and raise them on the working man? Would a adult say he would love to date his own daughter? Would a adult try to bribe the leader of a foreign country to make up dirt on Biden, which is leading to his impeachment? Would a adult make up phony weather maps with a sharpie and say he wanted to nuke hurricanes? Would a adult try to destroy Obama Care and cut 30 million from having health ins? And Pasley is full of bull when he says things in this country are better now under crooked Trump. 40% of american family's cannot even meet a 400 dollar expense, The federal debt is rising more than 1 trillion a year Manufacturing jobs are down for the first time in 10 years. The trade dificit is the worst in 10 years. Housing starts are the worst in years. The IRS says the middle class had to pay 90 billion more in fed. tax this year. Bozo Trump wants 1 trillion for mars but not a dime for roads and bridges. 2 million lost their health ins. last year. And Trump put our national security at risk when he tore up the Iran treaty and now Iran is making a bomb again. Wow i so wish we had a good pres, like Obama again he was a smart. honest good man. Sincerely David Rau

David Rau

We should choose the President by the popular vote. The electoral college cannot be defended. The electoral college has given us the two worst presidents in history W Bush and now Trump. The Repub. party has only won 1 election in the past 6 by the popular vote. People will not stand for that for long. Trump lost to Hillary by 3 million votes. If people believe that their votes don;t count they will stop voting. With each election now the numbers of voters are less and less, or people will go to the streets to protest.. And the Democratic party has always chosen their nominee in the primaries, never have the Democrats chosen their nominee using super delegates. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Oh I see Dumb Dave is still spreading his manure. The country is doing MUCH better under Trump than BO could have ever hoped to do. The electoral has actually been defended many times, and it's here to stay regardless of dumb dave's rants. If you know/understand our Constitution, you also understand the chance of 3/4 states ratifying such nonsense, it will never happen. Dumb Dave is also sore loser Dave. We've seen the left tantrums over losing the election, do we really want a bunch of whiny kids with no self control running this country? That's why we have an adult in the White House presently.

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