Democrats have lived with the constant bombardment from the right. Remember when Republicans castigated President Barack Obama and insisted that he was a Muslim; doubted his citizenship and (said he) was destroying the nation with deficit spending?

What happened? Over a trillion dollar increase in less that two years. Where’s the deficit? I don’t think a practicing member of Islam would ever sing “Amazing Grace,” or attend the National Cathedral while in Washington, D.C.

Could it be said our president’s only knowledge of “Amazing Grace” was an old date, or someone he made fun of, or who lost money when he too filed bankruptcy?

If the shoe fits, wear it!

Lloyd W. Love Jr.



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David Rau

Mr. Loyd Love's letter was so right. I can never understand the right wing hatred of Barack Obama who was a good president and a decent man who we really have to thank for good employment numbers today. It was Obama that passed the stimulus way back in 2009 that saved us from Ws depression. Obama had 75 straight months of job growth after the stimulus was passed. The only thing trump did for the economy was to pass a tax cut for the rich and the working man got nothing. Numbers released yesterday from the federal reserve show that 41% of american families can't even meet a 400 dollar expense..The trade deficit is the worst in 10 years and the federal debt is forecast to rise 1 trillion just this year. And if thats not scary enouth trump is trying his best to ruin the economy with his stupid tarrifs. and trying to start a war with iran. The US chamber of commerce which is more than pro republican says his latest tariffs will destroy 3 million jobs and cost the average family 800 dollars this year alone..And the vary notion that liberalism and christianity are not compatible is just bizarre when you consider that trump is totally deprived of any morals whatsoever. The man is on tape saying he loves to grab women between their legs. I don't understand how any republican can call themselves a christian? And as for trump solving the imigration problem there was no real problem to begin with the only border crisis was in trumps feeble brain..The 2000 mile wall which he will never get anyway won't stop anyone..A 2000 mile wall can't be guarded people will go over it under it or around it, after all people in Mexico have ladders and we can't afford the cost of it estimated to be 40 billion. You see trump wants 100 billion to go back to the moon for more rocks...Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Forgetting about the time BO made them cover up the crosses back in 2009?

Fact is, liberalism and Christianity aren't compatible. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the Trump economy and watching him fix our illegal alien problems.

Barry Reding

The issue had nothing to do with regulations imposed by the Obama administration: The VA chapel in Iron Mountain had been found to be in non-compliance with Spiritual and Pastoral Procedures that were established by the Department of Veterans Affairs and most recently revised in July 2008, well before the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. Those procedures require chapels at VA facilities be maintained as “religiously neutral” whenever they are not being used by chaplains for services associated with a particular faith:

The chapel, or a room set aside exclusively for use as a chapel, must be reserved for patients’ religious and spiritual activities, such as: worship, prayer, meditation, and quiet contemplation. Such chapels are appointed and maintained as places for meditation and worship, and when VA Chaplains are not providing or facilitating a religious service for a particular faith group, the chapel must be maintained as religiously neutral, reflecting no particular faith tradition.

At the conclusion of a religious worship service, the chaplain, or designee, must prepare the chapel for the succeeding service, if one follows immediately. Otherwise, the chapel is to be arranged for private use by patients, and all sectarian symbols must be removed or covered from view.

The construction of a chapel for the exclusive use of a particular religious or spiritual group is prohibited. No permanent (non-moveable) religious symbols are to be incorporated in the construction or renovation of chapels.

The intent of the procedure was to ensure VA chapels should present as welcoming and inclusive to all patients, families, and other visitors — that, for example, Jewish visitors should be not required to utilize a chapel filled with Christian symbolism and icons, any more than Christian worshipers should have to utilize a chapel displaying symbols and icons associated with Judaism, Islam, or any other faith.

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