Now that I can look back on the Dems’ impeachment process, it reminded me of a time when I tried to sleep in a passenger train that went clackety-clack, clackety-clack all night.

The incessant sound was like the distressing racket that has come from the Dems for nearly four years.

The impeachment process has been a complete waste of the taxpayers’ money. But, apparently, it has been a very successful technique to keep the mainstream media and the Dems’ base energized.

I can just imagine how Nancy Pelosi and others got together with the mainstream media and discussed what to do the next day. Pelosi would probably say, “Now, boys and girls, what can we say tomorrow that will help us get more votes for this fall? We have tried Russia, Russia, Russia (clackety-clack clack) and that helped us some. Should we try it again?”

And, they did try to sneak it in again!

The next thing we found out was that the House Judiciary Committee did try to bring up the old notion of collusion for an article of impeachment. Clackety-clack again.

Over the course of several years, they came up with one clack after another — collusion, quid pro quo, extortion, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and bribery (focus groups were the source for some).

The last gasping clack came when Pelosi held on to the impeachment articles. The Dems, via their devious ways, have been quite successful in getting a lot of people to hate our president.

Tom Jones



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David Rau

Actually the polls said the race was tied just before the election in 2016 and still Hillary whipped Trump by 3 million votes. Give some examples of what Trump has done that was good for the country. I can give you several examples of what Obama did. President Obama saved us from W's depression with the stimulus. Obama saved the domestic auto Industry. Obama regulated the crooked banks. Obama got good health insurance for 50 million that never had it before. Obama got us out of the illegal war in Iraq. Obama made bp pay for their massive oil spill in the gulf. Obama had Osama Bin Laden hunted down and killed after W would not..Obama restored dignity to Oval office. Obama had 75 straight months of job growth, under Obama the stock market gained 12,000 points. And Obama had a GDP of 5.9 and 5.1 in 2014, currently under Trump its a dismal 1.9. Also under Obama a treaty was drawn up with Iran that stopped their development of the bomb a treaty that Trump tore up for no reason.These are just a few of the accomplishments of Obama. Crooked Trump can't even come close to Obama's record.

David Rau

Paul Kersey I hope your ready for 4 years of Joe Biden the latest polls say any Democrat running can beat Trump by as much as 9%. Trump may not even make it to election day his trial is not going to well for him. The American people are tired of Trump's incompetence.

joe hurst

Just like the polls that said H Clinton had a 95% chance of winning?? HA HA HA HA! You are so delusional.... The Donald has done more for the country in 3 years than the totally useless Obama did in 8 years. Looking forward to 5 more years of Trump!!

Paul Kersey

@David Rau I hope you are ready for five more years of Trump. I think it is time for you to up your dose.

David Rau

Any money spent to get rid of Trump is money well spent. The worst, the most corrupt president ever with the lowest iq and with no morals has to go before he can do more damage to our nation than he's already done.His tax cut for the rich is taking us down the road of bankruptcy a road Trump knows well since he went bankrupt 6 times in business. And now we learn he wants another cut for the rich. He made it legal in 2017 for the mentally ill to buy guns which is causing more and more mass shootings. He's trying to destroy our environment with his slashing of clean air and water regulations. He's trying to destroy Obama care for 50 million Americans for the greedy insurance companies. He has already sowed the seed of a major war with Iran sometime in the future that will kill thousands of young Americans when he tore up the Iran treaty for no good reason and this is just a short list of his incompetence. Yes any money spent to get rid of Trump is money well spent.

joe hurst

Most extreme case of TDS around - amazing how anyone could be so uninformed and miss-informed.... Truly sad....

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