Previous sitting presidents attending a World Series game always did the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Donald Trump claims he turned that honor down because he did not want to wear the protective vest.

Wrong! He knew the citizens were unhappy with how he was making decisions in the country and he might be booed.

Wrong again. It was worse than a boo. The words he used on Hillary Clinton, “Lock her up,” were used on him. Poetic justice.

The crowd was not favorable to him, they were downright hostile. Face the chant, Trump.

He forgot the story of Pharoah and Moses concerning the release of children of Israel. No matter how many plagues were sent, Pharoah hardened his heart. No matter what the citizens want, Trump hardens his heart.

Trump’s favorite words are “fake” and “hoax.” If the statements don’t come from his mouth they are not true.

Americans are supposed to be free-thinkers, not drones and robots being controlled by Trump.

Trump is the only man that will not admit ever making a mistake. No man is perfect. We all make mistakes, and our mistakes are revealed. When Trump’s mistakes are brought to light, the truth is “fake or a “hoax.” How ironic.

During the 2020 election, we can continue to be drones and robots, or we can once again become free-thinkers. The choice is ours. Which will it be?

Evelyn Pugh



(2) comments

joe hurst

Dream on. He will win re-election in a landslide. Most effective POTUS in decades!

David Rau

It's going to be so good to see crooked Trump to go down in flames next election. Right now Biden leads him in the polls by 17% and 10% even in Texas and then its off to prison for him in 2021. I can't wait!

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