Insane GOP actions draw no protest

A recent letter said, “Here we go again! Now the Dems are going to spend millions more of taxpayers money to go after Donald Trump’s tax information.

“Since they can spend endless amounts of taxpayers money, they don’t give a hoot, just as long as they can continue to investigate Trump for everything imaginable.”

I don’t recall the writer protesting the trillions of dollars a previous Republican president spent on two ill-advised, undeclared wars in the Middle East (financed by Republicans borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund without any plans to ever pay it back, hence the current Republican demand to cut benefits), or the over $30 million the Republican House under Mitch McConnell spent on eight different committees investigating Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s actions during the Benghazi raid on a remote diplomatic outpost (that the Republicans had already refused to spend money to increase its security).

Even after each of the first seven investigations found no wrongdoing by either Clinton or Obama, McConnell immediately launched a new investigation. After the last, the Special Committee chairman Trey Gowdy even went on national TV and announced to the public that there had been no wrongdoing, but the Republicans kept harping on it all through the elections.

The writer of the letter in question never protested any of these actions or the resulting insane spending. I wonder why?

Bill Lockhart



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David Rau

So Obama and Hillary does wrong when they arise each morning when they breathe? Wow that statement really shows how disturbed these Trump supporters really are. We really do live in crazy times. Sincerely David Rau

Gary Wylie

I have to wonder where Mr Lockhart gets his 'facts' re wrongdoing by the republicans and democrats.... on second thought, I don't wonder at all! He sees/hears what he wants to see/hear. NO wrongdoing by Hillary and Obama? They do wrong by breathing each morning when they arise!

W Lockhart

I get my facts from respectable sources, and confirm them from an independent source before I use them.

I notice you gave no specifics at all, just vague generalities, as is the right wing Republican way.

W Lockhart

Gary, exactly which of my facts do you dispute, and why? Or is it just your opinion that disagrees?

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