Say the sky is blue and you may be sued by skyers, who claim the sky is evolving and can be anything it desires to be, regardless of empirical evidence of its blueness.

Just ask J.K. Rowling about her research friend who was fired and called an “absolutist” by the London courts for stating a person’s sex at birth cannot be changed; altered, yes, but not changed.

Then the hundreds of counties in Virginia declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities” in fear Democratic governor will keep his word and come door to door to confiscate their guns.

In Illinois, 75% of the counties declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary cities and it’s happening all over the U.S., even in California.

Then the Pope says Christians having rigid beliefs are bad; they can be “obstacles in the ground of common good.” Sorry, Pope, but my rigid belief in the death, burial, resurrection and soon return of Jesus is rigid, firm, set and unbreakable, no matter who, even an angel of heaven, tells me different.

And now I can’t sing “Zip A Dee Do Da” cause it might mean I’m a racist. “What a wonderful day, wonderful feelings coming my way, mister Blue Bird on my shoulder.”

Yep, sounds racist to me.

Finally, the attempted overthrow of a duly elected president by the Democratic party, not a by-partisan group but a single-minded, nothing but, and at all costs party that started the impeachment demands even before the president was sworn in.

Interesting times indeed.

Michael Darling



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David Rau

More lies from a right wing waco. President Obama tightened gun buying for the mentally ill after 16 people (mostly kids) were killed by a nut case with a gun at Sandy Hook. In 2017 Trump singed a bill overturning those restrictions. The bill was H.S. Res.40 sponsered by Rep. Sam Johnson a Texas Republican in congress. It's a shame that ignorant people like Pasley support Trump the worst President ever, the most corrupt, with the lowest iq, the 3rd President to be impeached for his crimes and a war monger. It's just another example of the dumbing down of America.

Jacob Pasley

The resolution you cite has nothing to do with being "mentally ill". No mention of that word whatsoever in the resolution. If does not allow the government to infringe on the rights of people who are receiving assistance in managing there social security monies. Only a left wing nut job could twist such a resolution into having something to do with arming mentally ill persons, which is explicitly illegal already. You have got to be the biggest liar this side of the Mississippi. I encourage anyone reading this to google HS Res 40 and see for themselves that ol dumb dumb is just a big ol dumb liar.

Jacob Pasley

86 of 95 Virginia Counties are now 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. That's progress! Thanks dims for pulling us together by your attempts of tearing this country apart.

David Rau

More lies from right wing wacos. The real number of counties in Virginia declaring themselves 2nd amendment sanctuary cites is really 40 out of 254 counties. There is lots of news about a crazy person being killed in a Texas church by a guy packing a gun but few words about Trump making it legal in 2017 for the mentally ill to by a gun. And now the most corrupt president in history is trying to start war with Iran to save his worthless self at the polls. Trump thinks there will be no trial in the Senate or be turned out of office next November if he gets us into a major war. But hes wrong he is guilty of at last 5 crimes and he is the worst President in history. Yes these are interesting times indeed.

Jacob Pasley

Old lying dumb dumb from Tennessee is at it again. His claim that Trump is allowing the "mentally ill" to purchase weapons has been debunked many time over already and he still insists on telling this lie. Requiring assistance in maintaining finances does not make someone "mentally ill".

Dumb dave does not even realize there are only 95 counties in Virginia. The list of sanctuary counties far outweighs the ones who wish to undermine the Constitution.

I'd say TDS has warped your brain, but you'd have to have a brain to begin with.

Jacob Pasley

Enjoy these Trump years dumb dave, these will be the best of your miserable life.

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