Franklin Delano Roosevelt imprisoned thousands of loyal American citizens, men women and children, during World War II, simply because they were Japanese. Most of these people lost all their possessions.

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David Rau

I don't believe i have seen such nonsense in a letter in quite a while. Why would Mr. Kramer want to try to tarnish the reputation of the second greatest President of all time? FDRs reputation speaks for itself. FDR won the war against the Great Depression and WW2. To say that FDR got us into WW2 is pure nonsense . Japan was out to take over the whole Pacific and Germany the whole world and of course we were attacked at Pearl Harbor and then Germany declared war on us. If we had not got into the war then Japan would have taken over the Pacific and Germany would probably be ruling in Europe to this day. The only tarnishment on FDR was the interment of Japanese Americans a decision he regretted making later. At least no one died in his camps unlike the 7 kids that died in Trumps.

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