In a July 21 letter, the writer echoes the irrational allegations of the Democratic candidates and their lapdog media supporters that the president’s desire to secure our border makes him a racist.

Then in his “four principles for comprehensive immigration reform” the writer suggests that we should only deport those with serious criminal records, and devise a way to citizenship for those law-abiding immigrants.

Anyone who entered this nation without going through the lawful process has committed a crime and is therefore a criminal.

The writer also naïvely recommends that we can improve the living conditions in Central American countries and root out corruption. How can we do that? Certainly not by giving them money that would never get past the crooked dictators.

The only way we could change the condition in those countries would be to overthrow the dictators, and to use a popular adjective of the liberals, that would be “unAmerican.”

Euell White



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David Rau

So great to see where Pasley agrees with me that the number of illegals in the US have fallen to 10 million. There were close to 12 million here at one time, but between 2000 and 2016 under W. and Obama those numbers fell almost 2 million. A trend that continues to this day especially since so many maufacturing jobs under Trump are moving to Mexico. And its just not me that call Trump camps on the border concentration camps. The UN has the New York Times have and many members of congress. Seven kids have died in Trumps cages in the camps. Kids in his cages have to sleep in their own waste, not given soap or toothpaste. Families have been separated from the kids just like in a concentration camp and migrant women are forced to drink from toilets. The old saying that if it walks and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck is so true. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Dave again proves reading comprehension is not in his wheelhouse. I actually said "well over 10 million". To believe the amount of illegal aliens being on par with the populations of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi is not a crisis is a clear case of having one's head up their 4th point of contact. Kids are not dying due to being detained, kids are not sleeping in their own waste, kids are not being denied soap and toothpaste, kids are not drinking from toilets. Hyperbolic lies told from people like you are why we are seeing domestic terrorist attacks on our men and women in law enforcement. Truly disgusting lies.

David Rau

Never was a crisis on the border to start with Illegal immigrants fell 90% between 2000 and 2016 its unlikely it became a crisis as soon as Trump took office. Trump does not want immigration reform and never did. And if you want to rid the world of dictators you can start right here at home with voting out general bone spurs. After El Paso its all over for him anyway... David Rau

Jacob Pasley

Dave is of the same ilk who use hyperbolic rhetoric that has caused several terrorist attacks on ICE facilities and officers. I've already explained this to him several time he willfully chooses to remain ignorant. There is no way to know how many people are crossing the border illegally. We do know there are well over 10 MILLION illegals aliens living in our country. To say Dave is biased on this subject would be a huge understatement. He has actually compared detention facilities that people are literally climbing the walls to get into as the same as jewish "concentration camps". I can think of nothing more anti-Semitic than to think that these two things could ever be close to the same. It's just sickening.

Jacob Pasley

Hard to argue logic with a liberal, they are only steered by emotion, fact mean nothing to them. The liberal media knows this and directs then like a captain of a ship using his rudder, Cropped shots and abbreviated sounds bites to frame an emotional narrative, the libs the eat it up and respond predictably, ignorance is bliss.

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