Everyone who knows me knows I am not a China Joe and son fan. But China Joe displayed his 38 years of experience as a politician. Somehow China Joe took the president’s speech and gave the president China Joe’s speech.

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(3) comments

David Rau

Gary Wylie gave no example of the evils of the Democratic party but i can provide many for the Republican party and Trump. For example Trump has cut off 1 million poor kids from getting a meal at school. Trump did nothing for 3 months and let the virus get here causing the death so far of 214,000 Americans and the job loss of 40 million. Trump wants to end Obama Care and cut half a million people from Alabama from having health ins.. It was Trump that said our dead military were losers. It is Trump that says he will end the payroll tax and de fund Social Security and Medicare. While our roads and bridges are failing Trump wants 30 billion to go back to the moon for what reason? We did that 6 times. He also wants 100 billion to go to Mars for a sucide mission. Trump cheated on his wife with a adult film star. Trump was all for abortion until he ran for President. Trump is holding rallys again and is exposing hundreds to covid. And now Trump is demanding that Obama, Biden and Hillary be arrested the same thing that Hitler did! Gary Wylie if you cannot see the evil in your own party then who is truly blind?

David Rau

Mr. Vaughn's letter is a good example of why Trump is losing so bad. Trump's supporters are just down right nuts!

Gary Wylie

Any one who can't see the EVIL in the socialist democratic? agenda isn't looking very hard, or they are BLIND!

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