I say children should play with any toys, play any sports, or have any hobbies they like, and have hair as long or short as they please. No clothing is “wrong” for any child.

My views were considered progressive until recently, when a new orthodoxy took over the American left.

Now, such preferences supposedly require chemical castration and surgical mutilation of the “gender non-comforming” child as soon as possible, affecting everything from fertility to brain development.

It is the lobotomy craze all over again.

Kids who would grow up to be gay and lesbian, or who suffer autism or depression or teen angst, are convinced to join a gender cult with magical incantations. The words “gender identity” override biology, for example, entitling boys to spaces, programs and sports trophies reserved for girls.

We are told this madness is the only way to prevent children from committing suicide, but that is not backed by peer-reviewed research.

The few long-term studies we have on gender transition show that suicidality, dysphoria and depression can increase with transition.

Contrarily, about 80% of children who do not receive this “treatment” grow up to be happy adults. The “cure” is far worse than the alleged disease.

I no longer wish to be associated with any movement which requires that I cheer for the horrific fad of kids on puberty blockers. If that means my “liberal” card gets revoked, then here, tear it up and burn it.

Matthew Osborne


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David Rau

Funny i thought Trump was in charge. It was Trump that had 3 months warning about the corona virus and did nothing but play golf. It's under Trumps watch that the dow has lost 9000 points in the last 3 weeks. Trumps caught like a deer in the headlights.

Jacob Pasley

Well, your "progressiveness" certainly got the ball rolling to our current state of affairs. Everything a liberal touches turns into a hot mess.

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