In politics, it‘s normal to hear pronouncements that astound us.

At one time, I used to try to mentally rank these in order of absurdity. When Donald Trump came along, this became impossible because my mind was not capable of processing the sheer volume that came daily.

I still try to keep up with the best, but now I do it daily because the feast starts over every morning. Trump and his minions present new over the top candidates every morning. One stands out: Mitch McConnell stated on Fox that this pandemic problem was created “because Obama failed to leave a game plan on how to handle this.”

What? You mean Trump couldn‘t handle this without a plan from Obama?

McConnell just missed a few links to reality. First, Trump has said he’s probably the smartest man alive, a stable genius. Second, he’s had three years to develop his own plan. Third, reports suggest that he was warned many times this was coming. Fourth, Obama team members left him a playbook and a staff of professionals to handle pandemics. Trump discarded and disbanded both. Fifth, he ignored it initially, calling it a hoax.

This list could go on, but space is limited.

As the American people start to ask legitimate question about the handling, or lack thereof, of this pandemic, there will be many more of these over the top pronouncements as Trump and Republicans try to explain how lack of leadership contributed to this great tragedy.

Mike Hillis


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David Rau

I found it very interesting that Trump tonight could not fill a 22,000 seat venue but half full for his big rally but i guess Daryl Swindle and Daddy Jo will just call that fake news.

David Rau

An easy barometer to show that bunker boy Trump is the worst President ever is just to look at the state of our country now. We have 118,000 Americans dead because no nothing Trump did nothing but play golf for 3 months and let the virus come to our shores. Also the economy in shambles with 46 million jobless. We have nation wide protest mainly because he cant keep his fool mouth closed and because he gassed innocent protestors in the streets of DC while he hid in a bunker like the coward he is. Another barometer is a poll that says 80% of Americans think that our nation is moving in the wrong direction. But we will begin to fix that with the election of Joe Biden in November.

Darryl Swindle

Thank you for proving me right.

Daddy Joe

More outright lies and misplaced blame by the ultimate carrier of TDS.

Darryl Swindle

An easy barometer to tell when President Trump is right is the intensity of pushback from leftist.

David Rau

Trump has done a superb job! Besides killing 117,000 Americans and putting 46 million out of work, Trump with his tax cut for the rich caused the working man to have to pay 90 billion more in Fed. tax last year. The Federal Debt has risen 7 trillion under Trump in 3 years. Under Obama it rose 5 trillion in 8 years! Just this week Trump made it legal for bear cubs to be killed in their dens in Alaska. The secret service spent 75,000 to guard Don Jr. to hunt animals in Africa and alaska. Two years ago Trump even said Na zis were good people. Adam Scott you say Trump has done a superb job and i wonder dude what are you smoking?

Adam Scott

Some people are going to bash Trump no matter what he does. Here are three examples. He has done a superb job and I’m looking forward to his reelection. Look for news elsewhere besides cnn.

David Rau

Don't forget that Trump called the covid virus a hoax, and a democrat made hoax. He also said in February that no American would die from it. He said in Feb. that it was totally under control. He said that when summer came it would go away. He said in Jan that there would be a miracle and that the virus would never come to our shores. The truth is that he was advised to take action in December but he did nothing for three months but play golf. Because of Trumps incompetence he has the blood of now 117,000 Americans on his hands and 46 million jobless. The sooner January comes and we are rid of him the better.

Walter Bradford

Mr. Mike Hillis,

I read your concerns and you are a part of an ever growing segment of the US population that is asking what's going one here. We haven't had a Chief Executive in The Oval Office now since January 2017. And it's tearing America apart. We have been saddled down with a common man of no real talent or education that is merely a student of "smoke & mirrors". As will be detailed in John Bolton's new book, "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir", in it Mr. Bolton who has unselfishly served multiple presidents tells of how everything the current "prez" does is not for the betterment of our nation but purely for his own. Mr. Bolton was halted by "trump" in December 2019 from publishing his book due to pretests from The White House of alleged sensitive information contained therein. Mr. Bolton has made over (51) corrections to satisfy the Department of Homeland Security and just as he was given the okay to publish, The DOJ headed by trumps "other personal lawyer" William Barr filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Mr. Bolton had signed NDAs, "Non disclosure Agreements" which held precedent over he being allowed to publish his book also citing "National Security concerns". As if Trump hasn't blown those up several times by his very own personal actions and failures. Well try as he may to satisfy his master, Mr. Barr waited a bit too long as the memoir had already been passed out to several entities for their review, one of which, Trump's "hate you, hate me" love partner, CNN was given first dibbs and what they learned about Trump's actions and practices is astoundingly unbelievable. All of this just goes to show that 49% of America voted for a man that is a true Traitor against his own nation. All his efforts are motivated by back door deals in the form of cash or power when he leaves office. The COVID-19 virus is just one manifestation of his lack of interest in his fellow Americans, his constituents for his own greed and power. Why doesn't he care about the continuing and increasingly larger numbers of viral infections and deaths in Alabama? Kay Ivey wanted to please her GOP Master, she did and now Alabamians are dying as a result of it. If she? No she has her own bunker to hide in like her GOP Chairman Trump did over a (2) night span. I quite frankly never gave any thought that I might survive two tours in The Middle East only to come home and die at the hands of two crazed politicians, no matter their party affiliation. Wake of Alabama! Guns and government don't mix! An alleged member of The Right Wing Boogaloo movement, using a Black Lives Matter protest for cover killed a Federal Security Officer with a "ghost gun". Now he's in prison, his partner is going to rat him out to save his own neck and he's facing the Death Penalty. Good Governance does not come from violence, hate and lies but the current US President apparently thinks otherwise. Please pray for America, Trump and your families, hard times haven't arrived yet. Blessings To All, Walter A. Bradford

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