Some writers like to argue that the news media and newspapers hate Donald Trump. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What really aggravates these individuals is that everything the news organizations say about Trump is true. Virtually everything reported about Trump comes from his Tweets and/or audio/video recordings. The record is there for anyone to see.

In less than three years, Trump has told lies or misleading statements over 12,000 times. That is astounding.

Even Fox news is coming around. Have you noticed lately that Trump has started to disparage Fox news? And do you know why? I will tell you. It’s because Fox reported a few facts about Trump which made him look bad.

See, it’s pretty simple. In Trump-world, if the news is favorable it’s real news, and if its unfavorable it’s fake news.

Republican politicians are so afraid that Trump will endorse someone else to run in a primary against them that they remain quiet and say nothing. Shame on them! Oftentimes in life one must stand up against tyranny, regardless of the cost.

I must also mention for that tariffs are taxes. Every time Trump raises a tariff, a business must do one of two things: Either raise the price of their products so they make the same profit, or don’t raise the price of their products and pay the tariff themselves, thereby losing money in the process.

All Hail Trump, the man who single-handedly bankrupted America and lost every friend she ever had.

Rodney Osbirn



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David Rau

So you find it amusing that we have a fascist buffoon as the President? Just look at bozo Trumps record a 90 billion dollar tax cut for the rich that the middle class had to pay for. The IRS said that the middle class paid 90 billion more in federal income tax this year. You have a President that bows to Putin every chance he gets. You have a President that tore up the Iran treaty and now Iran is making a bomb again. Just last week the buffoon offered Iran 15 billion to reinstate the Obama treaty and now Iran says no. You have a President that wanted to negotiate with the terrorist Taliban. You have a President that gets love letters from dictator Kim of N. Korea...You have a president that loves tariffs even though they will cost Americans 2 million jobs and drive farmers into bankruptcy. You have a president that does not want quality health Ins. for Americans (last year 2 million people lost their health ins in America,) You have a President that cares nothing for the environment and last week gutted environmental regulations on streams and wet lands. You have a President that is the most corrupt in American history.. And all of this was a short list. So I ask you Mr. Underwood if all of that amuses you then who is really the buffoon? Sincerely David Rau

Jerry Underwood

I am one of millions that do not care about what he says or tweets. I enjoy a good laugh every time the deranged liberals start screaming and running in circles saying Trump Trump Trump. Sure he is a buffoon but he is much better than the socialist wackos you want in office.

David Rau

So very spot on nothing scares Trump more than a free press, a free press exposes Trump for what he is the most unqualified man ever to be the president. Trump will be remembered as the worst failure in American history as president. But if we are not careful Trump may be best remembered as the man that started ww3. He's doing his best to start war with Iran. Just last week the bozo offered Iran 15 billion if they would return to the bargaining table and reinstate the Obama Iran Treaty after bozo Trump tore it up to begin with. Now Iran is making a bomb again and they say they will not negotiate with Trump. Iran knows he"s a weak ineffective president and they have no respect for him. We all pray we can survive Trump until 2021 when hes turned out of office. Sincerely David Rau

Jacob Pasley

More tripe from the village idiot of Tn. These same yahoos have been making the WWIII claims the second president Trump took office, yet no nuclear bombs have been launched and no new wars have been started. Just more BS from a bunch of liars and weak minded fools.

Enjoy the Trump years Dave, they will be the most prosperous of your miserable little life.

Paul Kersey

the date is 2025

Jacob Pasley

Jacob Pasley

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