Three simple safety measures are encouraged during the current COVID-19 pandemic. These are: frequent handwashing, proper social distances when in the presence of others, and the wearing of a face covering, that is a mask.

The most controversial of these and thus the least practiced is mask wearing. Can you pass this short quiz about mask wearing?

If everybody wore an approved mask ...

• Would chances of schools reopening on time and in the usual manner be increased or decreased?

• Would it be more or less likely that college and professional sports would not only be contested, but might even safely allow fans to attend the games?

• Would the safety of those attending worship services be increased or diminished?

• Would the number of COVID-19 cases increase or decrease? How about the number of hospitalizations? Would deaths increase or decrease?

• Would people be more or less protected from infection from others? Would you be safer from infection?

• Would you be providing greater or lesser safety for others?

• Would our society, socially, economically and generally, be able to return to normal more quickly or more slowly?

• Does wearing a mask show more or less concern for others?

• Would you undergo surgery at the hands of a doctor who refused to wear a surgical mask? Who is he/she protecting when he/she wears the mask?

Congratulations, you scored 100%! Thanks for wearing your mask and making a positive difference.

Steve McFall


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(16) comments

David Rau

Once again Darryl Swindle please tell us how the CDC and Dr. Fauci have been wrong on anything about covid 19? The only person i know who has been wrong is Trump. Trump sit on his ### for 3 months and denied it was a problem and then in Feb. he said it was all a hoax and there would be a miracle and it would never come here and that no American would die from it. And also give us a list of those felonies that Hillary did?


Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah! Blah Blah! Blah Blah Blah Blah! Here we go with the same ole nonsense! DUNG BEETLE ALERT![ban][spam]

David Rau

Why would you go to OSHA for research about wearing a mask? It's the CDC and Dr. Fauci that are the experts on wearing masks. And i ask again whats the big problem with Darrl Swindle and Adam Scott? Is it such a big deal to put on a mask when you go into a public place?

Darryl Swindle

The CDC and Fauci has been wrong on most all of their assessments so why not trust occupational safety and health administration?

Darryl Swindle

Wearing a mask does not protect you as much as you think. See OSHA's recommendations about a mask. If you fear infection, stay home. you can get most anything delivered with a phone call.

David Rau

Tell us Adam Scott is it going to hurt you to wear a mask when you go into a public place? And I'm still waiting for that list of felonies that Hillary did?

Adam Scott

Everything is beyond you. Wearing a mask to stop the corona virus is like wearing underwear to stop someone from passing gas.

David Rau

Most or very few HVAC systems have multiple filtering especially in stores.

And thats exactly how we get the flu in the winter, since we are stuck indoors. Wow where do these uneducated people come from?


How about you crawl back under that rock from where you came from! YOUR EDUCATED! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I needed that laugh!


David Rau

All research from the start says wearing a mask helps cut down the spread of the virus. Where in the world this guy gets this nonsense is beyond me.

Adam Scott

Wearing a mask does not prevent the spread of the covid virus. Do a little research and you will find this to be a fact. It does make people feel better about getting out so we are stuck with this misunderstanding of covid. Anybody believing this nonsense about masks preventing a person from getting covid is being played.

Walter Bradford

Mr. McFall I think anyone with any appreciation for their own life, the lives of others and good medical common sense surely must agree with your remarks. It has been a very odd mantra that GOP state governors like Kay Ivey, following the despicable lead of the GOP head, (t)rump would make the preservation of life an optional directive as opposed to a mandatory edict. This current crop of Republicans have really shown very poor leadership skills at a time in this nation's history when pristine Leadership was at a premium. Now we see another conspiracy evolving wherein (t)rump uses maligned representatives such a Peter Navarro to assassinate the ethics, ability and leadership of Dr. Fauci in his pleadings with all Americans to use masking, practice safe distancing and to warn of the fact that America has now undone all the good previously achieved and essentially will restart it's battle with coronavirus/COVID-19 anew. 137,569 human lives lost, in America alone because a singular man of perverted personal desires and greed wishes to be reelected to a position he has already proven he is woefully incapable of handling. For his vanity now he demands we return children to traditional classroom environments where HVAC systems have been proven to be a spreader of the virus and once out of the close supervision of their parents, may glibly throw caution to the wind and tease one another about masking. This was done by some unbelievably suicidal young college age adults here in Alabama to their own detriment. Alabama please realize that the traditional governmental leaders are NOT on your side. They have political and economic agendas that capture their attentions currently. Whether you and your families survive the rebirth of the Global Pandemic is not their chief concern.

Walter A. Bradford Florence

Dustin Brocato

Oh good grief [lol] we have people worried about HVAC spreading the sniffles. If that were the case, we would all get the flu during flu season. Some among us have truly lost their minds.


I hope Rau and Bradford have no offspring! They some Dung Beetles

Dustin Brocato

If an HVAC system with multiple filtering systems is spreading it that easily, I've got news for you. Those silly pieces of cloth on your face doing nothing to stop it. We've taken out critical thinking, folded it into a paper airplane, and thrown it straight out the window.[ninja]


Your such a tool!


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