I am getting to the point where everything the Associated Press writes about Donald Trump I take with a grain of salt. I don’t trust anything they write any more. They put a spin on anything they write about him.

It is completely clear to me that the AP and the mainstream media are completely biased against the president.

Take, for example, what the media distorted about the president when he tweeted about “The Squad” (Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib). (David) Crary and (Alexandra) Olson (July 21) said that these four activists were told to “go back” to countries “from which they came.”

The authors took what Trump said out of context. The president did not tell the four to permanently move back to other countries.

Kathleen Parker (July 19), shared Trump’s exact words: “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.”

The president actually told them to come back when their work is finished.

The authors put their own spin on this story and their twisted stories indicate they are very biased against the president.

At any rate, there was nothing “racist” about Trump’s statement. The left, though, tries to make everything said and done by the president about racism.

Tom Jones



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Darryl Swindle

Tom Jones is right. The media is in the pocket of the democrat party, locally and nationally.

Lana McDonald

I completely agree with Mr. Jones. I only take the actually words out of Trumps mouth and his literal Tweets to co firm my opinion of his abilities to be the President and that tells all I need to know. No need for Fox News, CNN or any other media outlet. Take if all from the Horses Mouth!

David Rau

Mr. Jones does not understand how a free press works and Trump hates a free press. When you have a president who says insane things like Trump does the press is going to come after you as they should..Trump just last week said hurricanes should be nuked to stop them. He also said he was the 2nd coming of the Lord. He's advised people to rake the forest to stop fires. He said windmills cause cancer and that we had airports back in 1776. Does Tom Jones want a press like Iran has or North Korea or one like Russia or China? Does he want a press that will ignore the ramblings of a crazy man? Sincerely David Rau

Drew Talley

The President isn’t achieving anything by attacking members for 400 member House of Representatives. Why is he playing small ball going after low level freshman house members? Presidents before Trump didn’t need to stoop down and attack fellow Americans.

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